922 Cannot Participate

    Ye Jing was shocked as she watched Feng Jiu walk away with the Deputy Headmaster, and asked Xiao Yihan: "What happened?"

    Xiao Yihan glanced at her with a smile and asked: "Did you not feel it when you were inside? The spiritual energy has decreased."

    Ye Jing froze, and asked: "When I was inside, I stayed inside a cave the whole time cultivating and never came out."

    "I see, no wonder you didn't notice anything. Come, come, let's walk and talk." He motioned as he walked back and told her everything that had gone on inside.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu had arrived at the hall of the main peak with the Deputy Headmaster. She looked at the Headmaster who was sitting in the main seat and the two elders lower down, and walked up to greet them.

    "Feng Jiu greets Headmaster and two elders."

    "Feng Jiu, do you know what you're guilty of?" The Headmaster asked in a deep voice as his eyes stared sharply at the person standing in the middle of the hall.

    Feng Jiu blinked and replied: "I've not done anything wrong! You can't possibly tell me that I'm guilty because I have exhausted the spiritual energy in the mystic realm? Before we entered the sacred place, you said that we had to work hard and cultivate. Now I am guilty of working hard and advancing?"

    Her voice was filled with displeasure, and she said indignantly: "I admit that I absorbed too much spiritual energy when I was inside, for that I am sorry. However, if you want to punish me for that, then I refuse to accept that I have done anything wrong."


    An elder smacked the table angrily: "You're unreasonable! Do you know that because you have exhausted the spiritual energy on the inside, no one will be able to enter to cultivate for the next few years? To replenish the energy on the inside alone will take one to two years. And as for the consumed spirit stone, do you know how much loss our academy will incur?"

    "You can't blame me for that, I didn't mean for it to happen." She eased her tone as she realised she wasn't able to get off for causing their loss.

    "Hehehe, Headmaster, two elders, calm down, calm down." The Deputy Headmaster said with an apologetic smile immediately: "Anger can't solve the problem. It's better to calm down and discuss how we can solve the problem at hand."

    "Solve it? Tell me how we can solve it? The spirit stones on the inside have been consumed to such a state that the spiritual formation won't be able to function for a few years. The sacred cultivation ground has been ruined by him, even if you don't say anything, I will also talk to you about it. Your Six Star Academy must shoulder this responsibility!"

    Feng Jiu stared at him with a strange look: "You're the Two Star Academy elder aren't you? When did you become a bully?"

    "Shut up! Don't make it worse."

    Old Guan glared at her, then smiled at the elder and said: "That's why I said we should find a way to solve the problem. Two heads are better than one. There are a few of us here, we should be able to find a way to solve the problem, shouldn't we?"

    Upon hearing this, the Headteacher and two elders looked at each other, there was an inexplicable light in their eyes.

    When Feng Jiu and Old Guan saw this, they couldn't help but wonder as they stared at them. What did this mean? Have they already thought of a solution?


    The Headmaster coughed lightly and cleared his throat as he looked at Feng Jiu. He then continued speaking to the Deputy Headmaster: "Deputy Headmaster Guan, he is currently a Golden Core stage cultivator. Golden Core stage cultivators are not allowed to take part in the competition. Surely you should know this?"

    After he had mentioned it, the Deputy Headmaster was stunned as he realised that it was indeed true. He couldn't help but look at Feng Jiu.
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