923 Stay To Be A Teacher

    "Can't participate?" Feng Jiu stared blankly for a moment, then asked: "You mean I can't take part in the academy competition anymore?"

    "That's right. Golden Core stage is the ability of a teacher. Therefore, you can't compete against the students who are at Foundation Formation stage and Great Spirit Master stage. There is no comparison to begin with anyway." The Headmaster stared at Feng Jiu as he replied.

    "Therefore, after discussion with the two elders, we have come to a decision. You will stay here and be a teacher for three years at our Two Star Academy. You will teach our students to cultivate to compensate for exhausting the spiritual energy."

    "What, what?" She was dumbfounded: "You want me to be a teacher? And you want me to stay for three years?"

    "Why? Are you unwilling to do so?"

    The two elders looked sombre: "You have absorbed so much spiritual energy, we are already being very gracious to have to stay and teach for three years."

    When Old Guan heard that Feng Jiu was already at a teacher's ability level, he knew that it was not good news. Sure enough, before he could gather his thoughts, they had already spoken. Therefore, he smiled and said: "Headmaster, isn't this decision a little too hasty? Teachers at the Two Star Academy have to go through a rigorous selection process. She is just a child, how can she be a teacher?"

    "If we say he can do it, then he can. You can't even find an eighteen year old Golden Core stage cultivator at a One Star Academy. We aren't hasty in our decision to ask him to be a teacher at our academy. Or does Deputy Headmaster Guan think that after he has ruined our sacred cultivation ground, he can just walk away without bearing any consequences?" One of the elders snorted unhappily.

    "But this..."

    "It's decided then, the matter is resolved. I will send a letter to your Headmaster to explain everything to him. No matter what, Feng Jiu has to stay at our academy for three years." It was obvious that the Headteacher was intent on keeping Feng Jiu no matter what.

    Feng Jiu stood watching them discuss and then they even made the decision without even asking her. She couldn't help herself and said: "I didn't agree to it! What do you mean by it's settled?"

    "What do you disagree with?"

    Three voices asked in unison, the Headmaster and two elders' gaze landed on her.

    Feng Jiu stared at them strangely and replied: "You're talking about me, so why can't I disagree?"

    The three men were speechless. Yes! Of course the person involved had to agree! Otherwise, how would they be able to make him stay? As a result, the three of them stared at them with their six eyes.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu realised that they didn't want to punish her, but actually wanted her to stay.

    To her, a Six Star Academy was no different from a Two Star Academy. The only difference was the status of the teachers. In a blink of an eye, she had become a teacher at a Two Star Academy. Okay then! Come to think of it, it was actually quite exciting.


    She cleared her throat and said: "If you want me to stay and be a teacher, that's fine. But three years is too long. One year. I will only agree to stay for one year." She raised one finger and waved it about with a smile.

    "One year? That's too short. It's got to be at least two years." The two elders replied.

    "No. I will only agree to one year."

    She shook her head and said: "One year is already my limit. My time at the Six Star Academy was also only about one year. If you don't agree, then so be it. I will return with the Deputy Headmaster."
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