924 Those Thorns

    "Good, we should go back to discuss this with the Headmaster anyway."

    The Deputy Headmaster lifted his sleeve and wiped away his cold sweat. How would he be able to explain to the Headmaster that he left with ten students and upon his return, the most outstanding student had remained at the Two Star Academy?

    Upon hearing this, the people from the Two Star Academy said without hesitation: "Fine, one year it is then!"

    The Deputy Headmaster looked instinctively at Feng Jiu, was she really going to stay? He hadn't expected to bring ten students here and only return with nine students"

    "Okay, I will stay for a year then." She squinted and smiled, then said to a horrified Deputy Headmaster: "I've never been a teacher before! If there's nothing else, you can all go back first. I shall stay and play the part of a teacher."

    "But... This..."

    The Deputy Headmaster was about to put a stop to this when he saw one of the elders walk over with a smile. With one hand on his shoulder, he led him outside: "Come, come, let's go outside for a chat. This matter. It's settled then. You see, Feng Jiu can't just walk away and pretend that she didn't ruin our sacred cultivation place. So......"

    The Headmaster and other elders watched as the elder led the Deputy Headmaster outside. They then looked at Feng Jiu with a kind smile.

    "Feng Jiu, come sit down, don't just stand there. Tell us, how did you enter the spiritual formation? There are many arrays, one after another in there. Even the teachers can't enter it if they want to, so how did you manage to? Who did you learn your arrays skillset from? Don't tell me it's from someone in the Six Star Academy? How could they have a master of arrays?"

    "Headmaster, you want me to be a teacher, but which students do you want me to teach? There are so many students in the Two Star Academy, do I just pick a few to teach? Also, you have invited me to become a teacher at your Two Star Academy, so..... Do other teachers know about this yet? Will they agree to it?" She asked her questions one after another, eager to start her journey as a teacher.

    "Hehe, don't worry. Naturally you won't have to teach all the students. We know everything that has happened since you arrived at our academy. On the first day, you led the students from your academy and beat up the students from the Three Star Academy. I'll be honest with you, we also have some undisciplined students here at our academy. They refused to be disciplined because they are either from some royal family or the first born son of the first wife of an influential family. They are really difficult to discipline, and they don't bother to cultivate either. They cause trouble and fool around all day long. Many teachers don't want to go near them. However, I feel that as you are of a similar age to them, you might yield a better result if you were to mentor them."

    The Headmaster laughed and looked at Feng Jiu with an expression that said he knew she would be able to take on this important responsibility. Feng Jiu felt a little nauseous looking at him. Seriously? He wants her to teach those thorns? He was taking advantage of her?

    "As for your teacher's wage, don't worry, we will pay you accordingly. It's just that after one year, I expect to see that these thorns have improved. Can you do that?"

    "Well, that is hard to say. I think that there are a lot of problems at present. And I can't guarantee that I will be able to discipline them." She said frankly. After all, she hadn't met the students yet and he said they were from royal families and influential families, they naturally would be more gutsy than normal people. Would they really be that easy to discipline?
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