925 Backing Influence Too Grea

    "Don't worry, I believe that you can do it. However, at this point in time, there is another matter that you need to handle as a teacher." He looked at Feng Jiu eagerly, there was a hint of joy in his eyes.

    Feng Jiu found it strange and couldn't help but ask: "What is it?"

    "Basically, it's May now and the academy has been open for half an academic year. However, there are some students who haven't returned to the academy, ...." He looked at her earnestly, the intent obvious in his expression.


    Feng Jiu was puzzled, and asked the Headmaster: "The students won't return to school to cultivate and you want me to go to their house to invite them back here? It's already been half a year, why haven't any other teachers gone? Why wait till now?"

    "I've already told you earlier, the students at this academy have special status and are pampered at home. Their family members are unable to get them to listen, so they have left the matter for the academy to handle instead. They said that the academy is a place where we teach the students anyway, and since they pay so much school fees each year, we should handle the matter."

    "If that is the case, wouldn't it be better to expel them? Let them find another academy, or get their own family to educate them. It's useless to try to force these students to learn when they aren't interested."

    "Hai!" The Headmaster sighed and shook his head without saying anything.

    The elder however spoke: "Feng Jiu, you don't know this, but our academy decides whether the students can enrol, but there are also exceptions."

    He stroked his beard as he continued speaking: "You may not have heard of the Eight Great Empires. Some of the royal families and influential families' ancestors are descended from the Eight Great Empires. The families who can take root under the Eight Great Empires are all extremely powerful. Even we have to weigh in before we take any action. In addition to this, the families of the students have great expectations of them. Because of their unusual birthrights, their behaviour and conduct are... problematic. However, because they have obtained a certain level of strength, they have passed the selection criteria to enter the Eight Great Empires above. That's why their families insist on sending them to this academy for their cultivation."

    "Don't look at them and think they're just Second Grade Country citizens, but in actual fact, their families are influential and their ancestors were powerful. Even the citizens from a First Grade Country have to show them respect and daren't offend them."

    "Does that mean the thorns you were talking about earlier are them? That's them?" Feng Jiu was speechless. This was the first time she had heard of this. So the families down there are descendants from the Great Eight Empires and have the backing of them up there. No wonder the Headmaster and the teachers from the Two Star Academy could not control those students.

    The Headmaster nodded his head: "Well, yes, it's them. There's actually not that many of them. Just four really. But the four of them are just too difficult to handle."

    Because they were difficult to deal with and were big troublemakers, when they saw how Feng Jiu had entered the spiritual realm and absorbed all the spiritual energy in two weeks, they knew that he was just like those four students.

    Hehe, of course they couldn't have said this out loud. It was enough that they knew. As long as he was able to control those four students, then he would have done them a big favour.

    Feng Jiu touched her chin as she thought about it. In all honesty, it did indeed sound interesting.
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