929 The Other Side Of Her

    Feng Jiu watched quietly as he walked away, his white robes blew gently in the wind, those eight words still in her mind.

    Live because of her, death because of her?

    Why did someone who had nothing to do with her live because of her and die because of her?

    She sighed and shook her head as she couldn't understand it. She didn't want to think about it anymore. It was useless to think about something that hadn't happened yet. Maybe when the time came, it would all become clear.

    Early the next morning, there was a loud knocking on her bedroom door. Feng Jiu who was fast asleep had not wanted to wake up. Therefore, she had pretended that she hadn't heard the knocking.

    "Feng Jiu? Feng Jiu? It's the Deputy Headmaster from the Two Star Academy."

    When she heard those words, no matter how much Feng Jiu had wanted to pretend she hadn't heard the knocking, she had to get out of bed. After she had put on her outer robe, she opened the door with sleepy eyes.

    "Deputy Headmaster? What's the matter?" She was still squinting her eyes, her hair was messy from sleeping and her clothes were untidy. Her appearance had shocked the Deputy Headmaster.

    Nie Teng who was up early practising martial arts in the courtyard had turned around when he heard the door open. He couldn't help but stop and smile at the sight in front of him.

    So she was quite a messy sleeper, she was probably curled up inside her blanket. And those half opened eyes made her look like she was leaning against the doorframe asleep. Was she really that tired?

    Although she looked messy, however, in his eyes, she was still the same frank person and kind of .....cute. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

    Maybe she had sensed Nie Teng's eyes on her, Feng Jiu frowned. She yawned and opened her eyes as she glanced over at Nie Teng who was staring at her from the courtyard. She asked: "Is there something I can help you with Deputy Headmaster?"

    "I have brought over the information for you, and also arranged a cave dwelling for you. However, the Headmaster and two elders have asked if you could leave as soon as possible and bring back the students with you." As he spoke, he handed over a cosmos sack and smiled: "Everything is inside, you can have a look yourself."

    "Leave as soon as possible?" Feng Jiu was startled: "Even though I am unable to participate in the competition, I still want to see who wins! Isn't the academy competition going to start soon?"

    "Haha, you have taken all the glory this year. No matter how exciting the fight is, it won't be that surprising. We can tell you the results upon your return. This matter is more important as it's not good to keep dragging it on." He patted the cosmos sack as he spoke.

    She scratched her hair and made her originally messy hair, even messier: "Okay! I understand. I will leave by tomorrow at the latest. Is that okay?" She sighed and ignored the looks the Deputy Headmaster was giving her as she dismissed him. She turned around and went back into her room and shut the door behind her, blocking Nie Teng's sight.

    After returning to her room, she threw the cosmos sack into space and went back to sleep. She woke up around noon and washed herself before she looked at the information on the four students. She was left speechless as she read the information.

    "These, these four people are not simple at all!"

    The information of the four people was not that they were incompetent at cultivating. On the contrary, their talents were extremely outstanding. The information recorded that their behaviour and attitude were a problem. However, in her eyes, this was not a problem.
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