930 Mo Chen Has Lef

    After she closed up the information, she put her hand on her chin and thought about how she would bring these four people back. If she wanted the four of them to listen to her, she would have to conquer them. How would she do that? Just fist and force alone would not do it.

    Her fair fingers tapped the table lightly and made a light knocking sound. Her eyes lit up as an idea came to her mind.

    "Forget it. I better go and inform the Deputy Headmaster and the rest first." She stood up and put the information back into space, then adjusted the red robes on her body before she stepped outside.

    As soon as she had stepped into the courtyard, she bumped into Nie Teng again. When she saw him staring at her, she raised her eyebrow and snorted before she left.

    Nie Teng watched as she left, the corner of his lips raised slightly. However, before the arch fully formed, his lips straightened back up immediately. He looked at the figure walking away slowly and closed his eyes.

    If he hadn't used such a domineering and tough method back then, would he still have stood a chance?

    He wouldn't know whether he would have stood a chance or not. He only knew for sure that if he hadn't been so domineering back then, even if she was not his woman now, she would not be loathe him this much.


    That word made his whole body go cold and frosty, his heart shrivelled up and there was a pain inside that he couldn't ignore.

    The feeling of being loathed by someone you love was not nice.

    On the other side of the academy, Feng Jiu had arrived at the living quarters of the Deputy Headmaster and the two teachers. She informed them that she would be leaving the academy tomorrow to settle some matters.

    "You're leaving tomorrow? You're not going to stay and watch the competition?"

    Teacher Lu was a little surprised. Although Feng Jiu was disqualified from the competition, however, they still had Nie Teng to represent them, so the competition should be pretty exciting to watch. They had thought that Feng Jiu would be the winner of the competition, but who the winner would be now is uncertain.

    "No. I realised that by the time I return to the Two Star Academy, you may all have left. Hence, I have come today to let you know." She smiled as she looked at the frowning Deputy Headmaster.

    "Deputy Headmaster, I will come back to the Six Star Academy. Mmm, it should be a year's time! No matter what, I will return to take a look as I have many friends there! There is also Little Black who is guarding my cave dwelling. Deputy Headmaster, while I am not there, you cannot allow anyone to bully my Little Black."

    "You rest assured! No one will go near your cave dwelling, we will maintain it just for you. As for your Little Black, I will make sure someone is assigned to look after it." The Deputy Headmaster sighed lightly and looked at her: "Since you insist on staying, then I will have to remind you. While you are here, you have no backing and no power, so you need to be extra careful. The students from the Two Star Academy come from influential families, so don't be offending anyone as that won't be good for you."

    "I know, I know." She smiled and nodded: "Relax! I know what to do." She had always minded her own business. However, if someone were to offend her, hehe, she was not one to give in easily.

    "Oh that's right, Mo Chen has left. Did you know?" The Deputy Headmaster said like he had suddenly thought of it. He looked at her and asked: "Did he go to look for you yesterday?"
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