931 It’s Ridiculous

    "Yes, he said goodbye to me and then left." She nodded, her eyes glimmered. She hadn't expected him to leave immediately. When she went back yesterday, she went straight to sleep and hadn't sent him off, now she felt bad.

    "I did think that he would have told you." The Deputy Headmaster looked at her and said: "Since you are leaving tomorrow, then go and get ready!"

    "Okay, I shall take my leave." She replied and then left.

    She went to Ye Jing's to bid her goodbye and then returned to her courtyard to let Xiao Yihan know she was leaving. She then tidied up her belongings in her bedroom and left her courtyard and headed in the direction of the cave dwelling the Two Star Academy had prepared for her.

    As the inter-academy competition hadn't started, there were many students that Feng Jiu had not yet met, and some didn't know who Feng Jiu was either. Therefore, when Feng Jiu appeared in her red robes, many students couldn't help but whisper in low voices.


    "Who is that young man? Why is he not wearing the academy uniform? Could he be a relative of a teacher?"

    "Not sure about a relative, but the air around the young man is pretty good."

    "Could he be a student from another academy?"

    "Impossible. The students from other academies have to wear their uniform in our academy. If that young man is a student, he wouldn't dare not wear his uniform."

    "That's true, no one dares to not wear their uniform in the academy. He must be a relative of a teacher who has come to visit!"

    "What relative? He was a student from the Six Star Academy and he advanced while he was in the mystic realm. I'm not even sure how he has become a teacher of our academy. The Headmaster and the two elders had to ask him personally."

    Upon hearing this, the students who were discussing this turned back and saw a teacher standing at a distance with his hand on his hip muttering eccentrically, his eyes fixed on the figure that was flying away on the coloured feather.

    "He's a student from the Six Star Academy?"

    "Surely not! How could they let a student from a Six Star Academy become our teacher?"

    "This, whose decision is this? It's ridiculous!"

    "We are students from a Two Star Academy, every one of us is a Ten Proud student, how could they let a student from a Six Star Academy teach us? Does this mean that all the students from the Six Star Academy can teach us? If word about this got out, how can we put our heads up high in the future?"

    "This is the decision of the Headmaster and the two elders." That teacher glanced at them: "The news has not yet been released. If you have any comments or dissatisfaction, you can go to see the Headmaster and ask him to give you a reasonable explanation."

    "Yes, let's go and find the Headmaster. How could he let a student from a Six Star Academy become our teacher? That's just too embarrassing!"

    "That's right, what qualifications does a student from a Six Star Academy have to be able to become our teacher? We object!"

    Once the teacher had broke the news about this, the students were all discontent and angered. They felt insulted and passed along the news to all the other students. Within an hour, almost all the students in the entire academy knew about this. They all went to the main peak looking for an explanation.

    Over there, Feng Jiu had already settled into her cave dwelling. On top of the original formation, she had also laid out an additional formation around the cave dwelling so that even if someone had come to her cave dwelling, they wouldn't be able to enter her realm.

    After rectifying the formations, she saw that the sky had turned dark and flew out of the formation on her feather. She had planned on going to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat. However, as soon as she flew out, she saw the main peak had been surrounded by students.
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