933 The Headmaster Invited Me Over

    When they heard Feng Jiu's grievance, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster pursed their lips. In this short period of time, they had clearly seen that Feng Jiu was not one to lose out, so how would she get bullied? No one would believe it.

    He quickly glanced at the students up and down the mountain and asked: "What have you done to them?"

    When the students heard this, they were mortified that they had not realised their unbearable itchiness had to do with Feng Jiu. They shouted angrily at her: "Feng Jiu! You dare to poison us!"

    "Feng Jiu, you are despicable!"

    "You, you've poisoned them?" The Headmaster was stunned. He had managed to poison such a large crowd of people? Where did he get so much poison?

    "They've disrespected their teacher, so they have to be punished. It's a waste of my time to punish them individually, so they can be itchy for a couple of hours as punishment instead. Don't worry, it won't kill them." She smiled at the students below her as she spoke.

    "Give us the antidote now!"

    "Give us the antidote!"

    She chuckled: "I'm sorry, I don't have the antidote. But you can ask the doctor at the academy and see if they can do something. Of course, that's provided that they can come up with an antidote."

    When they heard the confidence in his voice and the arrogance in his face, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked at each other as they remembered the warning from the Six Star Academy Deputy Headmaster.

    He had said that it wasn't that he didn't want to leave Feng Jiu behind. He was afraid that if Feng Jiu had stayed, that he would cause more trouble at the Two Star Academy in the future and they would regret it.

    At that time, they had thought that he hadn't wanted to leave behind his ten proud students and that's why he had said that. However, today, they had a bad feeling.

    "Feng Jiu, you...."

    Before the Headmaster could finish speaking, he saw the young man standing on the flying feather wave his sleeves and asked with an innocent smile on his face: "Headmaster, I am looking for something to eat, where is the kitchen in the Two Star Academy?"

    "Over there..."

    The Headmaster had instinctively pointed in a direction before he spoke. He was stunned for a bit and just as he was about to say something, he saw that Feng Jiu had stepped on her flying feather and flown in the direction of the kitchen. He could only swallow as he didn't get a chance to speak.

    As he looked down at the students shouting and itching, the Headmaster sighed helplessly and said to the Deputy Headmaster beside him: "Please attend to the students and ask the students and teachers in the Pharmacy Division to help them." He then shook his head and headed back inside.

    Upon seeing this, the Deputy Headmaster could only walk down to check on the students....

    On the other side, Feng Jiu had arrived at the kitchen and smelt the aromas of the food coming from inside, making her drool. However, before she was able to get near, she was stopped by the two stewards guarding the kitchen.

    "The kitchen is an important place, not anyone can enter."

    "I am not anyone, I am a teacher." She took out her teacher's jade token and showed it to them. She saw their dumbfounded expressions and smiled: "The Headteacher has asked me to bring over his and the Deputy Headteacher's meal"

    "Why is a teacher bringing the meal over? They are usually sent over." The two asked in doubt, but the teacher's token was real.

    "They are hungrier today and want to eat earlier. Go in and tell them quickly. I won't go inside, I will wait out here." She smiled and stood still.
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