934 Qing Dynasty Imperial City

    Upon seeing this, the two men looked at each other and nodded. One of them turned and went into the kitchen. After a while, he came out with two baskets of food: "This is for the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster."

    "Okay, thank you." Her eyes narrowed as she smiled, then she took the food baskets and left.

    As they watched Feng Jiu leave, the two men shook their heads, but hadn't thought any further about the matter and continued to stand guard.

    Feng Jiu returned to her cave dwelling with the two food baskets and opened one of them. Her eyes lit up: "The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster eat very well indeed! The food at the Two Star Academy is really good. You can't even eat such nice food at the Six Star Academy. The ginseng aroma is so strong. Is this a hundred year old ginseng double broiled with dark spirit chicken soup? It is said that the dark spirit chicken is the best type of chicken. Too nourishing!"

    While she spoke, she took a spoon and started drinking the soup. In the end, she had even rolled up her sleeves as she started eating. When she was full, she saw that there was still quite a bit of food left over and gave them to Cloud Devouring and Old White.

    "Ooof! I'm so full!" She rubbed her belly and walked out of the cave dwelling. As she looked up at the sky, she thought about her departure tomorrow and decided she might as well leave today. After she had made up her mind, she went back inside to get Cloud Devouring and headed out of the academy....

    After the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster had tended to the students, they realised that their evening meal hadn't been delivered. They sent someone to the kitchen to follow up, but were shocked when they heard what had happened.

    "Feng Jiu, that rascal!" The Headmaster exhaled loudly as he exclaimed helplessly.

    The Deputy Headmaster shook his head and chuckled: "The doormen have reported that Feng Jiu has left."

    "It's good that he has left. He will only cause more trouble if he stays in the academy. Sigh, I just hope that he has the ability to bring back those four students!"

    A few days later, in a forest of the Qing Dynasty Imperial City, in one of the Second Grade Countries.

    Hundreds of palace guards with swords hanging from their waist belts stood guard around the forest, keeping away redundant people. In addition, Golden Core cultivators had mapped out a flight restricting formation over the forest.

    A youth dressed in purple robes rode on a flame lion. With each step the flame lion took, a footprint burned into the ground.

    That was a sacred beast, its body of armour exuded a majestic and overbearing breath. However, it looked more like a docile cat being ridden by the youth.

    Although the youth had an air of prestige about him, he was not handsome as he had a big baby-like face. He seemed harmless. However, there was an occasional glint in his eyes that struck fear in people.

    "Tenth Prince, the death row prisoners have been escorted out." A middle aged man next to him informed respectfully and gestured to the guards behind them as they walked up with the ten prisoners.

    The baby-faced youth looked at them for a long time, and then he said: "I am giving you a chance to live."

    Upon hearing this, the ten prisoners' hearts wavered slightly, but they didn't speak, they only stared at the young man. They knew when they were sent to death row prison that they were going to die. However, they are not given a chance to live? Whether it was true or false, their heartbeats still quickened.

    The baby-faced youth narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the sky: "It is morning now. If by this time tomorrow morning, I have not found you, then I will instruct my men to open up the formation and let you leave."
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