937 Duan Ye

    "Why not? I heard that there is a mass grave in the Qing Dynasty and it is filled with ghosts. However, that place will cause a person to lose their direction. Ordinary people can't enter, and generally, no one will go there."

    As she spoke, she noticed the youngster lowering his head, pretending he hadn't heard her and continued stuffing his mouth with chicken. Seeing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and her gaze shifted: "That place is filled with all kinds of ghosts. But most of them are fierce ghosts, white clothes fluttering in the wind and white fangs baring. There are also blazing ghosts, so if you go at night..."

    "Ah! Don't say anymore, don't say anymore. My goosebumps are all raised now." The youngster couldn't help but jumped up sharply and stared at Feng Jiu.

    She looked at the youngster in astonishment: "Oh? I thought you weren't afraid, that's why I told you this. Besides, they aren't even that powerful. The most horrible and powerful ones are the ghosts who have become ghost cultivators."

    "You, you've seen them before?" The baby-face youth's face was filled with curiosity and fear at the same time.

    "I've seen them! Do you want to know more? I can tell you."

    Upon seeing the fear in the youngster's face and the curiosity in his eyes, she couldn't help but smile: "It's daylight now so it's okay. Nothing will happen. It's okay to talk about ghosts in the day, but better not to at night."

    "I suppose so, okay! Tell me more then, I'm listening." He sat back down and leaned against her.

    Feng Jiu smiled when she saw this: "Actually there are also good ghosts, it's just that there are less of them around. Once I passed through a place and wanted to look for somewhere to stay the night as it had gotten dark, when I noticed that there was only one family around and found it odd, but I didn't think much of it and asked them for information. I saw there was a young child..."

    "Was the little child a ghost?"

    "No, the little child was not a ghost. But his grandfather, grandmother, father and mother were all ghosts. They were murdered, hence their spirits were unable to rest......"

    The flame lion that was stood by the side was a peak level sacred beast, hence his wisdom had emerged early. It just watched on as its master sat and listened to the young boy's story.

    After about a joss stick's time had passed, something flashed across the flame lion's line of sight and he turned sharply.

    In the forest not too far away, Cloud Devouring was trotting back in little steps. He glanced at the flame lion and then went to its master's side.

    "Oh? Is this your pet?"

    The youngster looked at the round beast, his eyes couldn't help but filled with scorn: "Such a small beast can't even help you in battle. Why do you keep it around? This kind of beast is only suitable for women to keep for fun."

    Cloud Devouring glanced at him briefly, not giving him anymore attention. What a short sighted person.

    Feng Jiu smiled lightly and stroked Cloud Devouring's fur: "He's called Cloud Devouring and he's my little beast. So? Isn't it cute, it's round and furry. Doesn't it look like a cloud in the sky?"

    "Hmph, I don't see what's cute about it. We men don't like things like that." He raised his chin and motioned: "Look at my beast. It is a sacred battle beast at its peak level. Its four hooves has fire with each step. Even without howling, it is an impressive beast."

    "Sacred beast at its peak level, well, its strength is not low then." She nodded and smiled.

    He said smugly: "Right? I had ordered someone to catch this beast for me."
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