939 Abducted

    "Sigh, but I know my father won't let me go."He sighed.

    "That's simple. Just leave it with me." Her eyes flashed with wisdom as she continued speaking: "However, to avoid being tracked, we have to disappear without a trace. How about this, you and your flame lion will go with my little Cloud Devouring and wait for me at the border of the formation. I will go and let your guards know what is going on."

    He was startled: "You? Can you do it? You better not get captured instead."

    She looked at the little beast on the ground: "Cloud Devouring, you lead the way and I will catch up with you."

    "Oh." Cloud Devouring opened his mouth and murmured, then led the way.

    "Okay! If you can't manage then come and get me. But there are formations here....."

    "Can you stop being so long-winded? Hurry up and go." She rolled her eyes and waved her hands.

    When he saw this, Duan Ye didn't say anything else and followed the little beast with his flame lion. He looked back at Feng Jiu and thought that it didn't matter as he could always come back if he couldn't handle it.

    As for Feng Jiu, after Duan Ye had left with Feng Jiu, she went looking for the guards. Before she had gotten near, she heard a loud shout.

    "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

    Upon hearing the severe shout, Feng Jiu looked over and saw a middle aged man, a Nascent Soul cultivator. She said to him: "I am a teacher from the Two Star Academy, my surname is Feng. The Headmaster has instructed me to come to bring Duan Ye back."

    "Two Star Academy teacher?" The middle aged man stared sharply and Feng Jiu didn't conceal her cultivation level. She directly released the power of her Golden Core strength.

    "Have you got any credentials?" The Nascent Soul cultivator saw the strength of the Golden Core cultivator and calmly.

    "This is my jade token." She handed over the jade token as she replied.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator took the jade token and inspected it. The token had the young man's face and name printed onto it. Therefore, he nodded his head and his expression relaxed as he spoke: "The Tenth Prince refuses to go back to the academy. Will you be able to take him away?"

    "He has already agreed to leave with me. That's what I came over to talk to you about. Remove the formation so that I can take him with me."

    "He has agreed to leave with you?" The Nascent Soul cultivator was shocked.

    "That's right." Feng Jiu nodded.

    Upon hearing this, he thought about it and then asked: "Since you are a teacher from the Two Star Academy and you are here to take the Tenth Prince with you, do you need to enter the palace to see the King with the Tenth Prince?"

    "It's too troublesome. I have other things to do, so I won't go to the palace." She saw his eyebrows froze at what she had said, and so continued: "Rest assured, my identity is not fake. You can always send a letter to the academy to enquire."

    "I understand." The Nascent Soul cultivator looked up at the sky and said: "Two hours. After I have apprehended the ten prisoners, I will open up the formation."

    Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu's lips puckered up and she replied: "Okay, then I will just walk around with Duan Ye first." She then turned around and left.

    After he watched him walk away, the Nascent Soul cultivator said to the guard behind him: "Report this back to the palace immediately."

    "Yes!" The guard replied and left for the palace in haste.

    "You two, follow him. Don't let him discover you." He instructed the two Nascent Soul cultivators.

    "Okay." The two cultivators replied and went after Feng Jiu.

    However, not long after Feng Jiu had left, she had already shaken them off....
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