941 Where did you get the courage?

    Feng Jiu stepped downstairs and glanced outside. Seeing a lot of people outside the inn, she didn't pay attention to them. Instead, she found a table nearby, sat down and poured herself a glass of water.

    Because there were too many people in the surrounding area, she couldn't see the fighting. Only the sound of punching and the spectators applauding as well as Duan Ye's cursing was heard.

    Hearing those loud curses, she wasn't worried about him losing. After the waiter brought her breakfast, she moved her chopsticks and started eating. Little Cloud Devouring Beast obediently laid on the chair at one side and didn't run about.

    "This is your porridge, Young Master. There are two small side dishes for the porridge." The innkeeper brought the dishes up in person and observed her face carefully. She didn't look worried at all, as if she didn't know the young man fighting with others outside.

    Seeing this, he had to step back and stop speaking.

    "Argh! My eyes!"

    A scream was heard outside. The onlookers saw the purple-clad youth was punching the bully's eyes, making him wailing incessantly. When the boy let go, people saw that one of the bully's eyes turned black and that side of his face was swollen.

    "Hmph! Dare to offend me? That's because you're brainless! So, I'll teach you a good lesson! I'll let you know who you can't provoke! "

    Duan Ye snorted coldly. He swept forward and kicked at the man. However, his foot was grabbed and flipped by someone. His body also flipped over. He only felt a push come with the full force at him.

    The purple-clad figure somersaulted mid-air and fell to the ground, but his step was unsteady. He took a few steps back to stabilize himself and stared coldly at the person. "Who are you?! What do you want, coming forward on his behalf? " He questioned him harshly.

    "Please stop while you're still ahead. If you go too far, I won't be easy on you!" He was a middle-aged man with the Golden Core strength. After casting a glance at Duan Ye, he issued him a warning.

    Obviously, he saw at a glance that Duan Ye's strength was at the Foundation Building peak level. However, even at that stage, he would be unable to withstand a single blow from the Golden Core cultivator. So, the man gave out a warning since it's a disgrace for him as a Golden Core cultivator to deal with a Foundation Building.

    "Won't be easy on me? Hahaha, if you don't scram from here, don't blame me for being rude!" Duan Ye looked up and laughed loudly. However, his sharp eyes were like a small beast, bloodthirsty and cold. His fighting intent rushed forth. Obviously, he wasn't afraid that the other party was a Golden Core cultivator.

    "Is this man insane? This middle-aged man is the bully's uncle, a Golden Core cultivator. He still dares to provoke him?"

    "Perhaps, this young man comes from a noble clan? Otherwise, where did he get the courage and guts?"

    "I didn't see someone at his side protecting him. Besides, even if he was from a noble clan, what of it? If he's killed here, it means nothing. "

    "That's true. Last month, the bully killed a man. Nobody dared to say anything to them. Even the city's Lord turned a blind eye. The purple-clad young man is a foreigner. He didn't know the bully's notoriety."

    "But his strength was above the bully. It's really delightful that he can beat the bully to a sorry figure, making him call out for his mum and dad."

    Listening to the comments of the crowd, the middle-aged man's eyes turned cold and his Golden Core's mighty pressure swept away. Those people suddenly shut their mouths.
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