945 The fierce baby

    "Little baby, which family are you from? You have a great talent and cultivation at such a young age." The obese middle-aged man asked, staring with a squint at Duan Ye.

    "Pffft! "

    Hearing the words "little baby", Feng Jiu burst into laughter. Duan Ye's face flushed red with anger. That young and tender, doll-like face, was really fitting to be called a little baby.

    Duan Ye glanced angrily at Feng Jiu, then glowered at the obese middle-aged man. "I'm your grandpa!" As soon as he spoke these words, the eight-star flywheel appeared in his hand.

    Feng Jiu stood aside, unmoving. Duan Ye's skill was not weak. She wanted to know where his limit was. What's more, that Golden Core peak stage cultivator was not easy to deal with. Therefore, she was not worried that his life would be in danger.

    Sure enough, that Golden Core initial stage cultivator rushed up and immediately attacked Duan Ye. He was blocking his attack and fought him in a hand to hand combat. Duan Ye was not the enemy's match on strength, but he took the lead on speed and skill.

    Feng Jiu watched on quietly while Cloud Devouring Beast who stayed at her side, also kept its eyes on the fight. Fierce streams of air whizzed and spirit energy breath visible to the naked eye flew in the air and attacked each other.


    That Golden Core cultivator had no weapons in his hand. His shoulder bled instantly, slashed by Duan Ye's eight-star flywheel. He gasped and stepped back.

    The other man looked at the young man from the side, not daring to step forward, fully aware that he's not his match. If he abruptly came forward, his fate would be the same as those dozen strong men - dead.

    Even though he couldn't defeat that baby-faced man, he would be able to deal with this young man in red since he's only at the Great Spirit Master level.

    So, seeing the young man had been staring at the fight, a dagger slipped out of his sleeve into his hand. He sprang up and thrust the dagger at the young man in red.

    "Kid, you're dead meat!"

    Feng Jiu didn't even look at the man. She neither dodged nor made a move because Cloud Devouring Beast had already pounced at the man the moment it saw him with the dagger. The beast leapt at the man with a low growl.

    The small ball-like figure looked like a harmless little pet with no fighting power. But at this moment, it showed its sharp claws. As it darted, its sharp claws reached toward the man's wrist holding the dagger.


    What's more astonishing was that when the weak-looking pet leapt and slashed its claws, it carried a fierce and bloodthirsty breath. It was so fast that even the Great Spirit Master couldn't even dodge.

    "Hiss! My hand...."

    The dagger slammed on the ground noisily and blood oozed from his throbbing wrist. His face turned white. Instinctively, he reached out to hold the bleeding hand and looked at the deep scars on the blood-soaked wrist. Seeing the white bone half exposed, he got frightened and started screaming loudly.

    "Ah! My hand...my hand..."

    Due to this man's abrupt change, the Golden Core cultivator fighting with Duan Ye got distracted. His stomach was slashed by the sharp eight-star flywheel. He staggered backwards and his face turned white. He clenched his teeth, feeling both unwilling and unresigned.

    For a moment, the smell of blood in the air became more intense.
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