946 Blood will flow when she fights

    The obese middle-aged man patted his stomach for a moment, staring at the tiny, round pet with thin, slit-like eyes. Surprise flashed in those eyes.

    "What kind of beast is this?" He asked, as if not seeing the two wounded men. He was staring at the little beast with interest, seeming very surprised at its fierce attack to protect its owner.

    Feng Jiu didn't even spare him a glance. She kept on looking at Duan Ye. Seeing that he only had a small cut wound from the air stream during the duel with the Golden Core cultivator, Feng Jiu was pleased.

    He's pretty good. His skill was not bad, indeed, more than enough to deal with the Golden Core initial stage cultivator. He could even gain the upper hand and not lose against a Golden Core middle stage cultivator. With his skill and reaction speed, he could absolutely kill those above his rank.

    Perhaps because Feng Jiu didn't pay attention to him, the obese middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and turned his sight to Duan Ye. At that very moment, the man's figure swept toward Duan Ye at a lightning speed.

    Feng Jiu's eyes jolted slightly, but she didn't make any movement. Duan Ye was not a match for that man and was gradually in a disadvantageous position. Although the enemy was fat, his movement wasn't cumbersome. Compared to that Golden Core cultivator, the Golden Core peak stage's strength was obviously at a much higher level.

    Barely less than ten moves, Duan Ye was completely on the losing side. Seeing the enemy directed his palm carrying a strong aura to attack Duan Ye, her eyes flashed coldly. Her red figure swept out in an instant.

    Duan Ye only felt something powerful pull him from the back and snatched him away, sending him several meters away to avoid the near-fatal attack.

    His heart palpitated. With a gasp, his eyes widened in surprise, looking at Feng Jiu's red figure swept forward to meet the obese middle-aged cultivator's attack.

    "Be careful!"

    He couldn't help but exclaim. After all, he thought that Feng Jiu had just entered the Golden Core level. Perhaps, her combat effectiveness is even lower than him, yet she's facing that blow head-on. If she were struck by that man's hand, she might not die but be seriously wounded.

    Two palms were raised and two streams of air collided with each other. Powerful pressures seemed to compete which one was stronger. They were suppressing each other until a loud bang was heard and streams of air rolled away with the blast. The more powerful side rolled out with an overwhelming force, just like a sudden savage wave of the ocean bumping the obese middle-aged cultivator several meters away.


    Blood spurted out from his mouth. He swayed slightly. His body was struck back by the strong stream of air and was unable to stand firmly.

    But at this time, before he could react, the figure in red came toward him like a ghost.

    He could see from those deep and cold eyes the reflection of his own eyes widened in shock and horror...


    The fierce stream of air passed through. A cold light flashed and blood sprayed out. The obese man fell down stiffly.


    There was no chance to scream for mercy. Feng Jiu attacked and took his life in three moves. Such a formidable fighting force made Duan Ye, who was on tenterhooks, stare with astonishment. His face was filled with disbelief.

    He originally thought that Feng Jiu was not his opponent...
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