949 A chubby little guy

    "This Ning family is extremely rich with assets rivalling that of a country." She was a little surprised. It was the first time she saw someone decorate a house like this. If she had guessed right, those should have been gold and crystals. Otherwise, they could not emit that kind of bright light.

    Gold and crystals were used to decorate the floor and the walls. It must have been the Ning's family willingness.

    "The Ning family has a lot of money. We can say that they have grasped the economic lifeline of this second-grade country. Otherwise, Tranquil City can't be the most prosperous city in the country." Duan Ye explained and took a sip of tea. The burst of spirit energy after the tea was ingested made him smile.

    "It's a spirit tea worth ten thousand gold. I can't even get a catty, yet he can take it out casually here to greet guests. Remarkable indeed!"

    "Babyface, what brings you here? Going so far as coming to find me at the Ning family, What's the matter? "

    When a voice came, both Feng Jiu and Duan Ye looked up.

    They saw a boy between 16 or 17 years old walking towards them, dressed in a dazzling golden suit with a golden crown in his hair and a gold belt around his waist. All they could see was a sight in glittering gold.

    To Feng Jiu's shock, the young man was a half-head shorter than Duan Ye and herself, looking fat and white like the fat baby in the New Year painting, with a round gold collar around his neck, rings made of either gold or jade on nine of his ten fingers, and two bracelets of unknown material on his wrist. A small and exquisite golden abacus at his waist. This sight made her completely speechless.

    Was it to show his unwillingness to part with the gold, that he put all that glitters on his body? Even if he didn't feel heavy, she felt heavy for his sake. This image of Ning Lang really broke her expectations and fantasy.

    She thought he would be an elegant young man, but it was a white and fat chubby little guy. To be exact, he's a chubby little guy who was very fond of money.

    "Little Fatty, long time no see. You're getting fatter, your eyes are just like a straight line. Tsk tsk, your taste has not changed at all. I got dazzled seeing all the things on your body." Duan Ye shook his head, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.

    "Don't call me Little Fatty. I have a name, Ning Lang." The chubby little guy spoke discontentedly. When he came in, his gaze fell on Feng Jiu. His tiny, slit-like eyes flickered shrewdly. He asked with curiosity, "Who is this?"

    "Who told you to call me Babyface? Can't I return the favour?" Duan Ye snorted. Casting him a glance, he then got them introduced. "He's Feng Jiu, a friend of mine."

    Then, he asked Feng Jiu, "Have you met this chubby little guy before?"

    Feng Jiu shook her head, facing the fat and white chubby little guy. She couldn't help smiling, "It's our first meeting."

    To say that he's tacky, yet he didn't have that tackiness in him. Maybe this little fatty was just a cute chubby little guy type, Even though his clothes were sewn with luxurious gold threads, with a golden crown on his head and a golden belt on his waist, the whole body was glittering with gold, it still doesn't give people a tacky feeling. On the contrary, there is an aura of wealth and honour that intimidated people.

    "Feng Jiu?" Those tiny slender eyes stared at Feng Jiu for some time, then he asked them, "Why are you guys looking for me?"
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