950 Luring him with treasures

    "We..." When Duan Ye started speaking, Feng Jiu suddenly interrupted.

    "You should know about Hell Mountains, right?" She smiled. "We want to invite you along. Are you interested?"

    "Hell Mountains?" Ning Lang glanced at them, shook his head and promptly replied. "Not interested."

    "That place has plentiful natural treasures, spirit stones and crystal cores." She smiled with her eyes narrowed.

    "I only know that it's a dangerous place. If I go in, I won't be able to get out." He shook his fleshy palms. "I'm very busy. I've been buried in account books recently and have no time to go out."

    "Reportedly, the age-old elixirs there can be sold at sky-high prices. Are you sure you are not going? Besides the beast crystals, Hell Mountains yield all kinds of beautiful gems."

    Ning Lang's eyes jolted at those words. He shot a glance at Feng Jiu, hesitated and shook his head. "I'm still not going. It's too dangerous."

    "Hell Mountains' spirit stream has abundant golden pearls upstream and black pearls downstream. These two kinds of treasures are only found in the spirit mountain stream inside Hell Mountains. Nowhere else, not even in the Eight Great Empires."

    When he heard the golden pearl and the black pearl, Ning Lang could not help gulping down his saliva. A light flickered in his eyes. This time, instead of refusing directly, he lowered his head to fiddle with his fingers. It was unknown what he was thinking about.


    "Stop, stop, don't tell me. I can't take it anymore. You know clearly that I like these things related to money best, yet you keep on telling me."

    Ning Lang interrupted Feng Jiu and rubbed his face with both hands. "Get to the point! Why do you want me to go? I'm not strong and I can't do anything there. At most, I'm going there to search for treasures, and what I find I won't give them to you. Why do you call me? It won't do you any good, will it? "

    He paused and shook his head. "No, it's not good for both sides, because we're not strong. Maybe if we can get in, before getting too far inside, we'll be dragged by the fierce beasts. Or, if we meet robbers who will loot our treasures. We might even die without even touching the treasures. The more I think about it, the less worthwhile it is!"

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up in a smile. "Who can earn money without any risk? If you want to obtain something, you need to invest in it. I'm asking you, are you going or not?"

    "Let me think about it. I still have to discuss it with my father. Who can go right away after saying that he'll go?" He rubbed his head. "Let's do this! Stay at my house tonight. I'll give you the answer tomorrow."


    She nodded, thinking about a good plan in her head. It's best if he agreed on his own to go there. If he didn't, hehe, she would tie him up anyway and take him with her. Anyway, she had to spend one year, no matter whether they advanced or not. Then, she would return them to the two-star academy one year later.

    Duan Ye didn't speak. He just sat there eating snacks and drinking tea, listening to the two people speak.

    "Then I'll take you to have a rest. Tonight, I'll give you a welcoming dinner. I'll treat you to some of our most famous local specialties and introduce my father to you." After glancing past Duan Ye, his gaze fell on Feng Jiu, trying to figure out her identity.
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