951 Why is this guy looking for me?

    He personally took them to the rear court to settle in and let them have some rest. Turning back to return to his place, he rubbed his head and thought of the young man in red.

    "Feng Jiu? Why do I feel like I've seen him somewhere?" Muttering, he walked back and gave orders to prepare the banquet. Then, he returned to the main courtyard.


    He poked his head out to peer at the courtyard. He stepped in, asking, "Is my father in the courtyard?"

    "City ruler and Madam have gone out. They haven't returned yet." The guard in the courtyard answered.

    "Oh, I see!" He thought for a while, then spoke again. "Let me know once they're back." He went to the room and took out the golden abacus and continued to calculate the unfinished accounts. His chubby fingers hit the abacus with incredible dexterity.

    Then, about an hour later, he suddenly exclaimed, "Ah! I remember!"

    "Young Master, what's wrong? Young Master, what's wrong" The young attendant outside asked anxiously when he heard his cry. However, he didn't dare to open the door without his permission.

    "It's nothing." Ning Lang answered, ignoring the young attendant outside. He turned toward the desk behind him and soon found a portrait.

    When his gaze fell on the portrait, his slender, tiny eyes widened slowly. "It was him! I said he's somewhat familiar. It turned out that I've seen him before, it's really him!"

    The man in the painting was dressed in red. His face was beautiful. She had a wilful air between the eyebrows and a spirited look in her eyes. The portrait was very lifelike. There's no doubt that it's Feng Jiu.

    "Ghost Doctor! It's Ghost Doctor! One of his potions is sold at a sky-high price. His Beauty Pill is priceless. The only one pill was said to have been bought by a first-grade country's royal family at the first auction. "

    "But, why is this guy looking for me, wanting to take me to Hell Mountains? Why me, out of all people?"

    He was muttering while holding the picture. His tiny eyes were spinning. He had the mind of a merchant, therefore, in the face of profit and advantage, the thing he pondered most was the motive. Why did Ghost Doctor come to his house? Why did he not find other people, but him, to go to Hell Mountains?

    He sat still in the room for an hour until the young attendant outside informed him that his parents had returned. Then, putting the picture in his bosom, he opened the door and went out.

    As a merchant, he had the latest news, especially the most profitable news. Unfortunately, he couldn't get Ghost Doctor's potions since they were always auctioned by the Black Market. There was no chance for others to get them.

    Since Ghost Doctor's portraits were recently spread among various major forces and royal families, many people had been paying attention to him secretly. Unexpectedly, he came to his home in Tranquil City.

    He felt a little excited. If his parents knew it, they would be shocked. Mm, he would tell them the news first, then make a decision!

    At the antechamber, when the steward reported that there were guests at home, the city ruler was surprised. "Oh? They came looking for Lang'er? This kid only knows how to make money all day and doesn't even go back to the academy. There are friends looking for him? It's interesting. "

    The steward smiled. "Young Master's two friends had noble airs. I think they are of extraordinary origin."
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