952 An Invitation card worth one hundred thousand gold

    The beautiful woman sitting beside the city ruler smiled. "Let the people in the kitchen get ready immediately to entertain the young master's two friends in the evening. ."

    "Madam, Young Master has already given the order. The kitchen staff have already made the preparations." The steward answered with a smile.

    "That's good." The beautiful woman nodded, looking at the city ruler at her side.

    "Go and call Lang'er." The city ruler beckoned.

    "Yes." When the steward was turning around, about to leave, he saw his young master coming not far away. He turned back quickly. "Master, Madam, Young Master is here."

    "Father, Mother."

    Seeing his chubby son running in, the city ruler and his wife looked at each other with a smile. Their faces were full of adoration at the sight of his plump figure.

    "Slow down, slow down. You're so big yet still running around. Don't let the servants laugh at you." The city ruler's wife smiled and shook her head helplessly.

    "Mother." He came to his mother's side and reached for her hand: "Father, Mother, let me tell you, just now..."

    "We know. As soon as we got in, the steward told us that you have two friends coming to see you, don't you? Both Father and Mother know. " The city ruler's wife interrupted him with a smile and patted his chubby hand. "Son, it's not easy for you to have friends coming here. So, don't make money, go play with your two friends. Take them around the city, do your best to be a host, and have a good relationship with your friends."

    The city ruler nodded. "That's right. Listen to your parents and go out more. Don't stay in the city all day long. If you really don't want to go out, go back to the academy. You should have many friends in the academy, right? If you don't go back for such a long time, they must miss you very much. "

    Seeing that his parents wanted to encourage him to go back to the academy whenever they had a chance, he couldn't help picking his ears. "Father, Mother, don't keep mentioning this. My ears developed calluses from listening."

    He intended to tell them about Feng Jiu's identity, but when he saw them like this, he swallowed back his words. He rolled his eyes and smiled with his eyes narrowed to a crescent. "Mother, Father, I think there are still some things I haven't dealt with. I have to go back first. By the way, you can't look for anyone tonight. I'm going to entertain guests at sunset."

    "Yes, yes. Aren't those your two friends? We also want to meet them."

    Ning Cheng laughed seeing his son's acting furtively with eyes filled with scheming glint. He sighed inwardly. Although it's not good that his son acted stealthily like a thief, nobody understood one's son better than his own father. He had no idea what wicked ideas he was thinking of.

    "You'll meet them in the evening. They're resting now. I'm leaving first, there are some things I have to deal with." Ning Lang waved his hand. Without giving them a chance to speak, he turned to leave and broke into a jog.

    Back in his courtyard, he went directly into the study. After being occupied for about the time it took for a column of incense to burn, he called out four secret guards and handed them things. "Here are eight invitation cards. Take them to several clans and major forces in the city, and tell them that one card is worth one hundred thousand gold."

    "Yes." The four secret guards responded respectfully and quickly left.

    He rubbed his head while watching the four dark guards leaving. The sparkles in his tiny eyes were twirling rapidly with excitement and anticipation.
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