954 What to do?

    There was still some time to go before the banquet, so she planned to stroll in the city ruler's mansion first. She flicked her red robes and stepped out.

    Everywhere she went, she saw luxury and a large number of servants. The details of the great family were revealed everywhere. Even at every path taken after stepping out of the courtyard, she could detect the aura of those hiding in the dark.

    After walking a loop, she happened to come to a rockery pond, where she then sat down on a stone beside the pond. The servants in the mansion were bustling around.

    "Master, the Ning family's young master said that the Ghost Doctor is coming. Is it true? When I came in just now, I asked the servants in the mansion, but none of them knew. "

    A woman's voice came from behind the rockery. Her words made Feng Jiu lift her eyebrows.

    "How can it be false? One invitation card to the banquet is worth one hundred thousand gold. If it's not true, would he dare to take the money?" The man spoke with a deep and calm voice. "I don't want to ask for pills and potions. I just want to ask the Ghost Doctor to treat our Hong'er. It's not easy to get this chance, we have to try it anyway."

    "Yes! Ghost Doctor comes and goes like a shadow. It's so rare to let us know that he came to Tranquil City. We must invite him to our home."

    The two chatted as they walked, their voice gradually faded away. Standing at the edge of the pond, Feng Jiu blinked with shock.

    An invitation card worth one hundred thousand gold? Was this a highway robbery? This little fatty Ning Lang...

    She shook her head and sighed. Sure enough, these kids were not easy to manage. They were craftier than she was. While she was still thinking about a way to take him away, he already knew that she was the ghost doctor and could take the opportunity to make money from a so-called reception banquet. It was not strange that this little fatty had a reputation as a moneygrubber.

    She could not help smiling at the thought that the chubby little guy, wearing his wealth on his white and fat body, had an elegant name of beautiful jade.

    Ning Lang was taken from "Lin Lang" that meant beautiful jade. It was apparent that the city ruler and his wife looked forward to and loved their son. The little son didn't let them down. Unlike other young men, he looked fat and white with an air of wealth and opulence.

    Perhaps, for parents, it was enough to see their children grow up safely, looking white and tender.

    "Forget it! Once cheated, I'll find another chance to cheat back. " She chuckled and walked back. She returned to the courtyard and sat for a while. Not long after, Duan Ye opened his room's door and walked out.

    "It seems you went out just now?"

    He massaged his shoulders and yawned, looking at Feng Jiu sitting in the courtyard. After a nap, he felt fully rested. It was one thing to sleep inside a house on the journey. If it's not available, spending the night in the woods wouldn't give him a good rest.

    "Mm, I went for a spin." She tapped her fingers on the table, her eyes lost in thought.

    Duan Ye went over and sat down beside Feng Jiu. "What are you going to do if Little Fatty doesn't come with us?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him and asked with a smile, "Then, think, what should I do?"

    "What about finding another one? As Little Fatty said, he doesn't have much strength, even weaker than I am. If he really doesn't intend to go, let's find another one."
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