1174 New Lease Of Life

    Upon hearing this, they sighed. Did she hope that they would go to the Eight Great Empires? Although their families had wanted this to happen, they had never thought about it that much. After hearing her words today, a hint of desire developed in their hearts.

    "We will most likely go to the One Star Academy to prepare for the Nebula Sect apprentice ceremony." They replied, having made up their minds. After they have reported back at the Academy, they would go home for a short while and then make their way to the One Star Academy.

    "Okay, that's settled then." She signaled: "Hurry up and deal with the wild boar so that we can have a good meal."


    They divided the jobs and worked together. Soon the wild boar was roasting on the grill. They all sat around the fire as the meat roasted and chatted. When finally the fragrance of the meat spread, they took out their small knives to carve out some meat. They placed it on a leaf and gave it to Feng Jiu.

    "Try some."

    Feng Jiu took the meat and cut a small piece to try. She nodded: "Mmm, it's just nice, don't burn it."

    "Here, this piece is for you." Ning Lang handed a piece to Bi Shan with a smile: "Since you're following Feng Jiu, then you're one of us. Don't need to be modest."

    Bi Shan thanked him then took the meat and ate it.

    "It's strange, since the eagle left, it hasn't come back again." Ning Lang looked at Feng Jiu: "Could he be caught by someone?"

    "Probably not. It probably knows that we are leaving so it's not bothered to come back!" Feng Jiu cut off a piece of meat and ate it. She looked at Ning Lang and asked: "Where is your pet?"

    "In the Spirit Beast Space. It is still quite young so I told it to stay inside and not come out unnecessarily."

    "Yes, before it has its strength, it's best not to show off, otherwise it might get taken away." She reminded him.

    "I know." Ning Lang nodded in response.

    They chatted and ate till it was late into the night before they closed their eyes to rest. Although they were resting, Feng Jiu wasn't. She was responsible for their safety and keeping an eye on their surroundings. Therefore, after her spirit intent was released and it detected no movement in their surroundings, she went over to Bi Shan's side when she saw that they were all fast asleep.


    As Feng Jiu approached, Bi Shan's closed eyes opened when he noticed her presence. He was a little surprised when he saw Feng Jiu.

    "I am tending to your wound." She said and signalled for him to be quiet so that the others didn't wake up. She placed one hand on his injured leg and a turquoise light that resembled the vitality of a tree flowed out of her palm and penetrated into his bone marrow, repairing his fractured bones quickly. Even his wounds had also healed quickly. It was just that they were covered in bandages so it wasn't obvious.

    It was a turquoise light that was visible to the naked eye, full of vitality, warm as a flame. Bi Shan was surprised by this. After about the time it took to burn half an incense stick, he noticed that his master's face was pale and there was some sweat on her forehead. He asked quickly: "Master, are you alright?"

    "I'm fine, I just used up too much energy. Stand up and see how you feel." She wiped her sweat. It was the first time she had used the vitality for treatment. She wondered how effective it would be?

    "I, I can stand up?" Bi Shan asked, startled. When he saw her nod, he moved his leg. He could tell that all the pain in his leg had completely disappeared, it was as if his leg had never been injured at all.

    After he recovered from his shock, he stood up to test his leg out. He couldn't help but be surprised: "Master, my leg, my leg is healed! There's no more pain and I can walk!"
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