957 Punishing oneself with three cups

    Ning Lang came over excitedly. "Father, are you pleasantly surprised?"

    "Pleasantly surprised? Hmph! Shock, yes, but not pleased!" Tranquil City's ruler snorted with a gloomy face. "Since you've identified Ghost Doctor when he's arrived in our house, why don't you tell Father? You, you even invited people from all families to come with one hundred thousand gold invitation card?! You are incorrigible! "

    "What of it? I just pulled a string so that they could see Ghost Doctor. Besides, you see, they all surrounded him. If he took out the potion for sale, it would be a considerable amount of money. I'm helping him out! "

    Tranquil City's ruler shook his head helplessly at his words. "Son, not everyone thinks the same as you do. Do you think that he'll refine more potions to sell knowing that they can be sold at a sky-high price? No. For him, he doesn't have to sell the potions. In this world, not everything can be bought with money. "

    His tone was grave, meant for teaching him. Then, he motioned Ning Lang to look at the young man in red, surrounded by people. "Those who want to buy his potions will buy it anyway, whether paying an exorbitant price or exchanging it with another object. As long as they think it's worth the price, they will hand the money. He's not worried about selling his potions since he's not having enough to sell. What you did today was without his knowledge, right?"

    "But, I give him the chance to make money. Isn't he happy to be able to earn some profits?"

    " Do you think it's that easy to refine potions? Did you have any inkling? Nothing is easy, especially refining potions and pills. Otherwise, the world would not revere the potions and the alchemists."

    Ning Lang moved his mouth but said nothing. He was very smart. He immediately understood his father's words. He seemed to know that he'd gone too far today.

    "If they can come to see you all the way here, they must value your friendship. What kind of wretched thing are you doing? Now, how do you end it? "

    "This...I..."He scratched his head, lowering his head in bewilderment.

    Over there, Feng Jiu had a disaffected smile. "I'm sorry, everyone." She walked out from their midst and looked at Ning Lang. "Aren't we invited for a banquet tonight?"

    "That...what about taking you all to dine outside?" He suggested, intending to apologize to her once they're leaving.

    "There's no need. Let's just eat here! But, have the dishes served. Duan Ye yelled that he was hungry earlier. " She smiled. Looking at Tranquil City's ruler couple, she cupped her wrists in a salute. "City ruler, Madam."

    "Haha, Ghost Doctor, don't be too courteous. Please, please sit down." The city ruler asked her to come and sit.

    "My name is Feng Jiu. City ruler can call me Feng Jiu." She sat down with Duan Ye. The others also took their seats.

    "Steward, tell them to serve food. Go to the wine cellar and take out my treasured jar of spirit wine" The city ruler commanded.

    "Yes." The steward turned away and left.

    "Everyone, my son had done a deplorable thing. I, Ning, will punish myself with three cups and compensate each of you."

    While speaking, he first poured three cups of wine to drink, then faced Feng Jiu. "My son was a moneygrubber ever since he was young and he would not listen to me. Tonight, he offended Young Master Feng. Please don't blame him. Don't worry about this boy. I'll teach him a lesson later."
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