958 Help At The Feas

    Feng Jiu glanced at Ning Lang and smiled lightly: "It doesn't matter, this is nothing." Besides, she had intended to figure out his temperament after throwing him into Hell Mountains. She would teach him a lesson then.

    Everyone who witnessed the situation was secretly surprised. It seemed as if the one hundred thousand gold Master Ning took had been swept under the rug?

    Seeing that the situation wasn't quite right, everyone ceased to talk about asking for medicines. As the servants served up the dishes, the City Master said with a smile: "As the both of you are not locals, the dishes served today are our local delicacies."

    He pointed to the two king crabs on the dish in front of him: "This king crab is unique to the snow sea, you can't eat it anywhere else. Unlike other places, the king crab can be caught from the snow sea all year round. They are fleshy all year round and are the most delicious food here. Please try some."

    Feng Jiu had already seen the king crab earlier on. They are rare in the Phoenix Empire, and even if there were any, they certainly weren't this big. For a food lover such as herself, all she had wanted was to taste the delicious king crab after setting eyes on it.

    "Then I shall help myself." Without looking at anyone else, she then picked up the pair of scissors that were placed next to each person and cut off the crab legs and then proceeded to open up the shell....

    When the others saw his skills at eating crab, they were quite surprised. The king crab was local only to them, could he have eaten it elsewhere? He seemed quite familiar with eating crabs.

    On the contrary, the baby-faced boy in purple clothes next to him was sitting there staring at the crab, with no inclination to start eating. Finally, he allowed a maid behind him to help with his food.

    The City Master had ordered the housekeeper to bring forth his treasured spirit wines and served it to all the guests, who were eating and chatting at the same time. Everyone knew not to discuss those matters during the meal, and therefore kept the conversation to general chit chat.

    When everyone had drunk and eaten to their fill, the dishes on the table were cleared away and more spirit wine was served. Even though it was getting late, no one mentioned leaving. They were instead pondering on how to bring up the subject.

    A couple looked at each other and stood up. They bowed to Feng Jiu and said: "Ghost Doctor, I am the head of the He Family in the city, and this is my wife. We have heard that your medical skills are superior and have the ability to save people from the brink of death. Therefore, we beseech you to please save our son. As long as Ghost Doctor is willing to save him, I will be forever in your debt. If I can be of any help to you in the future, I will do my utmost even if it means risking my life."

    "Master Feng, please save my son!" Mrs He wiped her tears from her grief-stricken face: "We know that Master Feng doesn't help people easily, but please take pity on a mother's love. We have no other way."

    The other people looked at Feng Jiu, their hearts moved by the scene. They knew about the son of the He Family. He was quite an outstanding young man, but it seemed that he had been afflicted with some bone corroding poison. He was unable to use both of his legs now. They had brought many doctors, alchemists and tried many medications, but everyone said that he could not be saved. If he wanted to live, he had to amputate his legs.

    If his legs were to be amputated, then he might as well be an invalid. Therefore they had brought up the matter, in the hopes that things may take a good turn.
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