959 Give A Beauty

    When he saw everyone's eyes on Feng Jiu, Duan Ye glanced at him and asked: "Are you really the Ghost Doctor? Your medical skills are that good?" Along their journey, he had only seen his lethal skills killing people, but he could actually save people too?

    Ghost Doctor? He had heard of this person before, he was supposed to be extremely powerful. It was his medical knowledge and elixir refining skills that were powerful. A concubine in the First Grade Country had eaten the Nourishing Beauty pill he made and regained favour. The news of this matter had spread to their Qing Dynasty and everyone also wanted a Nourishing Beauty pill from the Ghost Doctor.

    It seemed that his father had also sent men to locate the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor.

    When he thought of the description of the Ghost Doctor in the rumours, he couldn't help but look at the young man dressed in red. When they hadn't mentioned it, it didn't occur to him. But now that they have, he found that he really was quite similar to the description.

    Feng Jiu glanced at Duan Ye but didn't answer his question. She looked at Mr and Mrs He: " What symptoms does your son have? What did the previous doctors say about his illness?"

    The couple were surprised when they heard this and replied hurriedly: "We brought many doctors to our home to examine our son and they all said the same thing. It was a bone eroding poison. We don't know how he was afflicted with the bone eroding poison. We only know that the doctors said that it was bone necrosis and the situation was getting worse. A doctor had come to examine him a couple of days ago and said that if he wanted to live then he had to amputate both his legs. But.... Our son refused."

    The couple wiped their tears and continued: "He is still young, he can't live the rest of his life without his legs. We heard that the Ghost Doctor's medical skills are really powerful and therefore sent people to locate your whereabouts. We didn't expect to hear from Mister Ning yesterday that you are living in the City Master's house. We have therefore come especially to ask for your help."

    "Bone eroding poison?" Feng Jiu murmured softly: "It isn't as simple as bone necrosis. The poison attacks the five internal organs as well and once that happens, the person can't be saved."

    "Ghost Doctor, you must have a solution don't you? You must save our son. Please save our son. I can pay any price, even if it is my life you want." Mister He pleaded.

    As parents, they were willing to give up anything unconditionally, even if it was their life.

    "What use would he have with your life? I tell you, he likes women, the more beautiful the better it is. Nothing you give him is as good as giving him a beauty."

    Duan Ye's voice rang out uncontrollably and everyone stared strangely at Feng Jiu.

    The Ghost Doctor likes beautiful women? For real? If that's the case, then that's easy.

    Everyone started thinking of which family had daughters of the appropriate age and was suitable.

    When she heard Duan Ye's outburst, Feng Jiu glared at him: "Don't talk nonsense." Why did the baby-face say she liked beautiful women? She was a woman, why would she like women? Besides, why did he think she liked women?

    Duan Ye snorted and said: "I'm not talking nonsense. On our whole journey, every time there was a beautiful woman, you always stared at them. I'm not talking nonsense."
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