960 No Need To Return

    When she heard this, her lips puckered up: "I was purely showing appreciation."

    "When a man looks at a woman, it's never just out of appreciation, it's always lecherous." Duan Ye gave a know-it-all look, refusing to believe Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu couldn't be bothered to refute and looked at the couple instead, saying: "Tell you what! I will go to your house tomorrow morning and assess his condition."

    Her plan had been to wait for Ning Lang's answer tomorrow, and she was going to take him away regardless of his answer. However, now that she had been asked for help, she couldn't possibly refuse to help. It was just like the couple had said, as parents, their hearts were in pain seeing their son suffer and there was nothing they could do to help. It was even harder to accept than losing their lives.

    Although she was a cold person, she was also sentimental. She would protect everyone she treasured and didn't wish any harm to come to the people she cherished. To those people who wanted to kill her, she was ruthless.

    She was unable to ignore the selfless and unconditional love parents had for their children. Now that she was faced with this kind of situation, she had no help no matter what! Besides, this was nothing too difficult for her to handle anyway. But for that person, it was their only chance to live.

    Upon hearing this, Mr and Mrs He were extremely excited and expressed their thanks immediately: "Thank you Ghost Doctor, thank you Ghost Doctor. We will return home immediately and tell our son the news. We will be here tomorrow morning to bring you to our home."

    Their expressions were filled with excitement, and they thanked him many more times before they left for home to share the news with their son.

    The other people watched as they departed and then asked: "Ghost Doctor, we..." Before they could finish speaking, they were interrupted.

    "Everyone, please go home now! I have not had the time to make any medicine or elixir recently. I also don't have any suitable to sell to you either. Besides, my medicine and elixir are only sold at auction and not privately."

    Feng Jiu stood up and patted her robes, and said to the City Master and his wife: "It's quite late now, I will be going to rest now." Saying that, she bowed and took her leave.

    When he saw this, Duan Ye stood up and walked up to Ning Lang, placing his hands on his shoulders: "LIttle Fatty, come, we have not seen each other in a long time. Let's catch up tonight."

    He dragged him away before waiting for a reply.

    Upon seeing this, the City Master and his wife looked at each other and then the City Master said to everyone: "Everyone, I will return the one hundred thousand gold that my son has taken from you. He hadn't considered his actions before acting upon them and has been most discourteous. I would like to apologise to everyone on his behalf. I hope that you will forgive him and not continue this dispute with the child."

    "You are too courteous Ning City Master. You don't have to return the one hundred thousand yuan. We have been most privileged to be able to meet with the Ghost Doctor tonight. Even though we weren't able to get any medicine or elixir, the money spent was worth it." One of the men said and he stood up and bowed: "I shall be taking my leave now. I will come and visit again another day."

    "That's right, you don't have to return the one hundred thousand gold to us. It's not that much anyway, so that's settled then! We shall be leaving too." Several other people also stood up and said with a smile.

    None of the people present were fools. They could see that the Ning family were on friendly terms with the Ghost Doctor and naturally, they wanted to leave a good impression. Besides, one hundred thousand gold was nothing to these wealthy families.
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