961 Say Sorry

    The guests all took their leave one by one with the City Master seeing them to the door personally. When all the guests had left, he went back inside and said to his wife: "I didn't expect Lang-er to do something like this after he found out the Ghost Doctor's identity. Do you think this matter will be exposed?"

    "Lang'er probably didn't know the Ghost Doctor to begin with. I think the Ghost Doctor is a friend of Mister Duan, that's why they have arrived together." The City Master's wife said. After some thought, she continued: "Let them deal with this matter themselves! We shouldn't get too involved in their affairs."

    "Yes, you're right." The City Master nodded without saying more, and retired to his courtyard with his wife.

    On the other side, Duan Ye brought Ning Lang to a courtyard and asked: "Little Fatty, did you really take one hundred thousand gold each from those people? Also, how did you find out that Feng Jiu is the Ghost Doctor? When you found out you didn't even tell me. You're not a good friend."

    Ning Lang scratched his head and replied with embarrassment: "You know how much I like money. When there is an opportunity to make money, I will seize it. That's why..." He looked at the closed door and asked hesitantly: "Do you think I should go inside and apologise?"

    "Apologise? Haha!"

    Duan Ye chuckled and patted his shoulder: "You! You sold Feng Jiu. I don't think a sorry is going to make it all okay. You better go back and sleep. I think he just wants an answer from you? When you've thought about it, come and tell him your answer. I think that would be better than an apology."

    Ning Lang frowned and nodded his head when he heard this: "I understand. I will go back and think about it carefully." He was just about to turn around to leave, when he decided to walk to the firmly shut bedroom door.

    "Feng Jiu, I'm sorry. My actions tonight are out of order. Sorry, please forgive me."

    When he didn't hear any noise from inside the bedroom, he turned around and went back to his courtyard to consider whether he would go to Hell Mountains.

    When he promised to give an answer the next morning, he was only stalling for time to get him to stay so he could make some money. However, he hadn't expected things to turn out this way. He had only thought of selling those invitations for one hundred thousand gold each, and not thought of the consequences.

    Duan Ye watched as Ning Lang walked away with his head down. After a while, he knocked on Feng Jiu's door and shouted: "Feng Jiu, you haven't told me how you are the Ghost Doctor."

    There was still no noise from inside the bedroom, so he tried to push the door open. He found that the door was locked from the inside. He didn't have any other choice but to leave it.

    "I have to go to the He Family residence tomorrow. Stop disturbing me and go back to rest!" Feng Jiu's voice could be heard from inside the bedroom, but the door remained closed.

    "When you go to the He Family Residence tomorrow, remember to come and get me. I want to go and take a look as well." He then retreated to his own bedroom to rest.

    On this night, some people might find it difficult to get to sleep. However, under the influence of alcohol, Feng Jiu and Duan Ye fell into a deep slumber the moment they lay down to rest.

    Early the next morning, the sun shone on the ground and the warm rays of light peeked through the leaves casting shadows on the ground. As the breeze blew, the leaves on the trees fluttered and landed gently on the ground......

    It was tranquil in the courtyard as the two people in the bedrooms were still fast asleep. Feng Jiu seemed to have forgotten that she was supposed to go to the Feng Family residence today. By the time she woke up, it was already late morning.
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