964 Mixed Sky Silk

    "Well, that is normal. There is fire poison within his body and this is the only way to expel the poison from his body. Okay, it's getting late, I should get going." She looked at Duan Ye as she spoke.

    Duan Ye got up and walked over to his side.

    When he heard that he said he was leaving, Mr He said hurriedly: "Please wait, Ghost Doctor." He then whispered an order to the servants. Not long after, the housekeeper arrived hurriedly, carrying something.

    "Ghost Doctor, this is a treasure that I obtained unexpectedly. I hope you will accept it."

    Feng Jiu had planned to refuse. However, when she set her eyes on the thing that was covered with a red cloth, she asked: "What is it?"

    "This is a Mixed Sky Silk, an ancient treasure that my ancestor acquired by accident. It has always stayed in the possession of the He family." Mr He replied and looked at Feng Jiu: "Ghost Doctor, you have saved my son and I am unable to repay you. I know that you like red clothes and recalled that there is one such treasure in my residence. Therefore, I would like to give it to you, please accept it Ghost Doctor."

    Feng Jiu's eyes lit up and she reached out to pick it up. Of course she knew of the Mixed Sky Silk. In the modern day, this was just a legendary treasure. She had not expected such a treasure to really exist at this moment in time. It was seven foot long and a sword wouldn't be able to slash it, it was defensive and offensive, it could be used as a guard or to trap your enemy, it could also be used as a belt and also to tie your hands together. This was indeed a good treasure.

    "If that's the case, then I shall accept it." She smiled.

    "Good, good." Mr He smiled joyfully and saw them out the door personally. Although the Mixed Sky Silk was an ancient treasure, it was however, seldom displayed in his residence. The people in his residence had no use for it, nor did they dare to use it.

    Without a certain strength and power, who would dare show off such a treasure in front of others?

    On the horse carriage, Duan Ye couldn't help but pursed his lips when he saw him playing with the Mixed Sky Silk: "The red silk looks like something a woman would use, I'm not sure why it would be called a treasure."

    "This red silk truly isn't suitable for just anyone, women can be picky and few men will like it." As she spoke, she raised her head and smiled: "I, however, like this."

    "Two prescriptions and a bottle of medicinal pills and he will be cured? His swollen legs are honestly quite horrifying." He frowned as he spoke. As he'd not seen his condition improve, he was a little skeptical. However, Mrs He treated Feng Jiu like a celestial being and believed everything she said. How strange.

    When they arrived back at the City Master's residence, they saw Fatty waiting for them outside. Duan Ye and Feng Jiu looked at each other when they saw him, Duan Ye asked: "Little Fatty, why are you sitting here?"

    "Stop calling me Little Fatty, call me Ning Lang." He glared at Duan Ye with dissatisfaction as he reiterated. He then looked at Feng Jiu and his expression changed as he aimed to flatter, he smiled and said: "Feng Jiu, I have something to talk to you about."

    "Well, let's go inside and talk."

    She nodded and walked inside, the two men behind her followed hurriedly. Neither of them had noticed that the seniority of the guest had changed. Even Duan Ye hadn't realised that he subconsciously obeyed Feng Jiu and followed her instinctively, treating her as the most important person.

    The three of them sat down at the table in the courtyard. Ning Lang chatted with Feng Jiu and asked how things went at the He family. After some hesitation, he said carefully: "So, Feng Jiu! I have thought about it seriously and I think that Hell Mountains is way too dangerous, so I won't be going."
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