965 It Must Be Him

    After he said this, he looked at Feng Jiu closely and watched her expression. When he saw that it had not changed, he was relieved. He thought that maybe it didn't matter much whether he went or not. And that if he didn't go, they could find someone else to go.

    After hearing his words, Duan Ye glanced at him and wanted to say something. Finally, he looked at Feng Jiu and said nothing.

    "It doesn't matter. Hell Mountains is a dangerous place and it is only normal that you don't want to go." Feng Jiu nodded with an understanding expression.

    "Hehehe, I knew you would understand." He patted his chest and grinned: "I am actually quite busy, and I can't really leave. I have a lot of business to take care of in the city and they won't be able to manage without me."

    "Mm, I understand." She smiled and squinted.

    "So that's it for now. I will go and tend to my business. I will take you on a tour around the city later in the afternoon." He smiled happily as he got up and waved at the two of them before he rushed out.

    After he had left, Duan Ye asked Feng Jiu: "How do you plan on taking him away?" He asked, a little confused: "Why does it have to be him?"

    Feng Jiu took out a jade token and placed it on the table in front of him: "Because of this."

    Upon seeing the Two Star Academy teacher identity jade token on the table, Duan Ye took a deep breath. His baby face was filled with surprise as he stared at him: "You, you are a teacher from the Two Star Academy? So it was premeditated that you found me?"

    "What premeditated? It was always the plan."

    She shrugged and said: "I will tell you frankly! It was because of something, I became a teacher of the Two Star Academy. However, I am not in charge of teaching the other students in the academy. The only students I am responsible for are you four troublesome thorns. It is only for one year. Don't worry, after one year, I will take you back to the Two Star Academy. At that point, whether you decide to stay at the academy or go home, it's none of my business."

    "I assume the people at the Two Star Academy don't know that you are the Ghost Doctor?" If they had known, he was sure that they wouldn't have sent him. Moreover, along their journey, he felt that he was an unfathomable and dangerous person. Who said that the Ghost Doctor was only knowledgeable about medicines and elixirs? He didn't even blink an eye when he killed!

    Feng Jiu touched her chin as she thought: "Well, I don't think they know." After a while, she stood up and said: "Okay, you go and pack! We will leave when it is dark. The longer we stay here, the more trouble there will be."

    When he saw him going out, Duan Ye asked: "Where are you going?"

    "I am going to look for the City Master for a chat." She waved her hand without looking back. When she got to the front, she found the housekeeper who took her to the City Master's courtyard....

    The City Master and his wife were in the middle of a discussion when they heard the housekeeper's announcement outside. They were startled, and got up in a hurry to greet Feng Jiu. When they saw the figure in red in their courtyard, the couple looked at each other and walked forwards: "Master Feng? Is there something we can do for you?"

    Feng Jiu smiled: "No, there isn't. I have something to discuss with you."

    They invited him to enter their room and closed the door. Other than the three people in the room, no one else knew what was being said in the room. It was only known that after about half an hour, the City Master and his wife respectfully saw Feng Jiu out.
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