1186 A set of jewellery

    "What to do? How could we lose them?"

    "Didn't I tell you not to get too close to him? You must have let him find out, otherwise, how did he shake you off?"

    "If you've lost him, why don't you go look for him immediately? What are you doing here? Go!"

    In front of the inn, several clan heads were scolding their subordinates. For a moment, because the people on the street saw that the heads of several influential families in the city had come to the inn in person, they thought a major event had happened. They came one after another to gather around and watch.

    Even the owner of the inn came out to inquire in person and finally learned that a distinguished guest stayed at his inn. Several clan heads in the city wanted to invite him, but to their surprise, they were unable to.

    "Hahaha, clan heads, please don't worry. The innkeeper told me just now that the young man has booked two rooms. He should stay here. You may as well wait inside the inn. Maybe he went to the city for a stroll and will come back later."

    Hearing this, they had nothing else to say. Since they didn't meet the person, naturally, they waited here. They had no idea whether the Ghost Doctor would come back to the inn if he knew that their people were staring at him?

    If he's not coming back, where would they go to find him?

    "Oh? Several family heads are here too?" Shangguan family's Third Elder came with only one guard. When he saw everyone there, he smiled. "You're here to look for Young Master Feng, too?"

    "Why should Third Elder ask a question whose answer you've already known?" A family head answered. He glanced at him and spoke with a smile. "Why is it Third Elder, not the Shangguan's family head who's coming? It seems that he doesn't put much importance to the Young Master Feng, does he?"

    "Haha, you have no idea. I had the honour of meeting Young Master Feng once before. We can be considered old friends. When I learned that he came to the Imperial City, I didn't dare to neglect my old friend, so I came to meet him in person."

    When the others heard this, their expressions changed. The Ghost Doctor was acquainted with the Shangguan family? How was that possible? They hadn't heard of it before.

    "I'm afraid Third Elder has made a trip in vain. Young Master Feng went out and hasn't returned yet!"

    "It's alright. I'm not busy and had nothing important to take care of. I can wait here." He smiled and stepped inside the inn.

    The owner of the inn saw that all the leaders of various forces in the city had come, along with the Shangguan family's Third Elder. He was a little surprised and asked people to serve them tea and snacks.

    As a result, the people inside the inn came out curiously and talked in a low voice, thinking that something was going to happen.

    On the other side, after eating the snacks and sweet soup in the stall, Feng Jiu continued to stroll. Seeing a jewellery store in the city with elegant and exquisite decor on its facade, she told Bi Shan, "I'll go in and have a look. Just wait for me at the door."

    "Yes." Bi Shan replied and waited at the door.

    Walking inside, the shopkeeper greeted him and asked with a smile, "Young Master, please feel free to take a look. If you find one that you like, please let me know."

    "Hm." Feng Jiu responded. She walked slowly inside while looking at the pieces of jewellery on display.

    These were all ornaments with some made of gold, some of jade, some were crystals and gems. When she passed them one by one, her gaze fell on a set of jewellery.

    It's a complete set of amethyst jewellery consisting of a necklace, a pair of earrings and a hairpin. This set of jewellery was simple but elegant. The purple crystal shone with an enchanting and mysterious light. When she saw this set of jewellery, she immediately wanted to buy it and give it to Leng Shuang as a gift.
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