966 Taken Away

    "Go and bring the young master here." The City Master instructed.

    "Yes." The housekeeper responded and went to look for Ning Lang.

    Not long later, Ning Lang arrived at the courtyard and saw that his father and mother were sat at the table drinking tea. He went to sit down next to them: "Father, Mother, what did you want me for?"

    "You child, you child, all you care about is making money. You don't even pay attention to your own health. Come, mother ordered for this soup to be made for you." The City Master's wife pushed the bowl of soup on the table towards him.

    "Mother is the best." He smiled and drank the soup.

    The City Master watched and coughed lightly. After he had finished the soup, he instructed: "Be careful at all times when you go out. You have to listen to Master Feng and if you don't know something, ask. You can't be wilful like you are at home, you have to think twice about everything before you act. Also......"

    As he listened to his father go on, Ning Lang scratched his head: "Father, why are you telling me this? I'm not leaving home." Why was his words so baffling?

    "Just remember everything your father said. Lang'er, you need to know that money isn't everything. Mother hopes that when you return your money-loving attitude would have changed. How will you manage when your father leaves the City in your care in the future when you only have passion for money?

    The City Master's wife spoke in a serious tone and she saw the anxiety appear in his eyes.

    "Mother, you just..." He paused and shook his head: " It's strange, why do I feel... dizzy?"

    He looked at his father and mother as the two of them became four. He shook his head to see more clearly but found that he couldn't see. His head dropped and he collapsed.

    The couple looked at each other and sighed. They put everything they had prepared for him on him and instructed: "Get a few people to carry him to the horse carriage."

    "Yes." The housekeeper replied and called two guards in to carry him to the horse carriage.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu and Duan Ye had walked out and saw the unconscious Ning Lang being put onto the horse carriage. Upon seeing this, Duan Ye pursed his lips and glanced at Feng Jiu.

    He really meant what he said, and managed to take him away. At this point, he strongly suspected that had he not agreed to leave with him back then, would he also have rendered him unconscious and taken him away in a horse carriage?

    The more he thought about it, the more he realised the possibility.

    "Master Feng, everything is ready." The City Master said. He sighed as he looked at the horse carriage, then bowed to Feng Jiu and said: "My good for nothing son will be in Master Feng's care now."

    "Rest assured City Master." She nodded slightly before she got onto the horse carriage with Duan Ye. The difference with this horse carriage was that there was no driver and Duan Ye had to change his clothes and steer the horse.

    Because the horse carriage was at the back door, they managed to leave the city in the middle of the night before the gates closed, without anyone noticing. After all, no one had expected that he would visit the He residence today and then leave the same night, and by the back door.

    On the dark mountain road, a horse carriage moved slowly under the faint moonlight towards the next target....
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