970 A Malle

    Could it be that Feng Jiu and Duan Ye realised that I have run off?

    As soon as the thought entered his head, his back stiffened, and even his arms and legs were stiff as he walked. However, after walking on for some time, he still hadn't heard their voices and realised something was amiss. If the two of them realised that he had run off, they would shout at him. That meant that it wasn't them?

    "Who's there? Why are you sneaking around..."


    He had turned back and shouted. However, what greeted him wasn't anyone's voice, but a mallet that hit him with a great blow. It had happened so quickly that he hadn't been able to block dodge. He had fainted before he got a look at who attacked him.

    Cloud Devouring who was following behind was about to leap out but was stopped by Feng Jiu. She grabbed Cloud Devouring in her arms and stepped backwards as she looked at the few cultivators who took Ning Lang away.

    She smiled as she quietly followed the men.

    The little fatty was savvy, but he was not vigilant enough in the real world. He was a Foundation cultivator, and yet when he was up against men who were only slightly higher than him in cultivation, he was helpless. Oh no, it should be said that he hadn't even had a chance to retaliate. He was hit with a mallet and passed out.

    She followed the men to a slum area where poor people and cultivators who were missing arms or legs lived. It was also where some of the most wicked people lived. In the street and alleys, groups of three to five men squatted on the ground. Some of them were drinking wine from a bottle in their hands, and some were gathered around gambling.

    When she walked in with her red clothes, those people stared at her, their eyes followed her closely and they observed her and sized her up.

    Out of the poor, only the elderly and young children were left, Young women wouldn't be able to stay in such a place for too long as it was too unsafe. Therefore, there was barely a woman in sight in this place, other than obese and ugly women.

    Because of the poverty in the area, the place was messy and trash lined the streets. The dilapidated houses gave the impression it was going to collapse if it were pushed too hard. It looked very dangerous.

    She walked along carrying Cloud Devouring, her eyes fixed on the few people in front of her who had kidnapped Ning Lang, sp she wasn't afraid that she would lose sight of them. Her pace was not fast, and she looked around her surroundings as she walked along. She frowned when she saw two young children about the age of four or five playing by a near collapsing wall.

    The world was so unfair sometimes. Some people lived in luxurious palaces and yet some people didn't even have a roof over their heads. Some people would have feasts of meat and seafood every meal, and some people would be so hungry they were skin and bones.

    "You two, come over here." She stopped and smiled at the children as she motioned for them to come over to her.

    Although the two children were only four or five, they were alert and wary. They looked at the cute little pet in Feng Jiu's arms with envy and curiosity in their eyes. However, they daren't go over and leaned against the wall, their fingers scratched the mud wall as they looked over at Feng Jiu.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu took out a small box of snacks from space then took a piece out: "Look, I have cakes! Come over and you can have some to eat."

    The two children looked at the fluffy white cakes, craving in their eyes. In the end, they couldn't resist the temptation of the sweet cakes and walked over to Feng Jiu.
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