1199 Invitation to the Palace

    As soon as the Third Elder saw that the situation seemed abnormal, he hurriedly came forward. "No, Young Master Feng, don't misunderstand. I believe that's not what the Clan Head meant." "

    "It's best not to mean that, otherwise, don't blame me for being unkind!"

    Her cold voice came out mercilessly with chilling intent. It shook the core while at the same time opposing the Shangguan clan head so that he was resentful but unable to do anything about it.

    The others saw this situation clearly. Several clan heads went up to Feng Jiu. "Ghost Doctor, the inn is not very comfortable. Why don't you come and rest at my mansion?"

    "Ghost Doctor, it's better to come to our abode. We have a very quiet and elegant bamboo forest. Ghost Doctor should like it."

    "Ghost Doctor..."

    One by one, they rushed forward and wanted to invite Feng Jiu to their mansion. Today, if it were someone else, maybe they could use force. But since the other party was Ghost Doctor who had the Black Market as a shield, using force was not the way to go.

    "Where is the Ghost Doctor?"

    Suddenly a voice was heard from a place not far away from there. When the crowd looked up at its source, they saw a squad of royal guards coming urgently behind the crowd. Still behind them were several monks carrying a luxurious palanquin.

    "It's the country ruler's personal guard." A clan head spoke out. Seeing that the ruler had dispatched his people, they knew that they couldn't invite Ghost Doctor back to their place.

    Bi Shan stepped forward and came to Feng Jiu's side. "Master, this is the Heaven's Prayer Country ruler's personal guards."

    "Mm." Feng Jiu made a slight nod. She looked at the group of people coming toward her.

    "You must be the Ghost Doctor." Two Nascent Soul cultivators were leading the group. Maybe they were afraid that they wouldn't succeed in inviting Feng Jiu so they dispatched the two Nascent Souls in addition to the Golden Core cultivators.

    "Precisely." Feng Jiu answered, facing the men.

    "The country ruler has learned that Ghost Doctor has arrived at the imperial city of Heaven's Prayer Country. He specially ordered us to come and welcome you to the palace." The two Nascent Soul powerful cultivators turned sideways to make way for Feng Jiu. "Please."

    Without saying much, Feng Jiu immediately stepped forward. After the palanquin was lowered, she sat in it. Bi Shan followed closely beside her and the party headed for the palace majestically.

    Seeing Feng Jiu welcomed by the country ruler and recalling what he said earlier, the Shangguan clan head was furious. Since he became the clan head, he had never lost face like this!

    "Hehe, Shangguan Clan Head, the way you acknowledge relatives is truly..." A clan head chuckled and stepped forward. He shook his head while glancing at him and left with his hands clasped behind his back, full of mockery at the Shangguan clan head.

    "Shangguan Clan Head, Feng Jiu is the Ghost Doctor. How can he be related to your family? Be realistic, maybe something went wrong. " Another clan head spoke with a smile and then turned away.

    "Right! To my best knowledge, your sister has never been married, right? It doesn't make any sense that such a big child suddenly appears! " Another man smiled, glanced at the ashen-faced Shangguan clan head. "I wanted to ask Ghost Doctor to stay in the mansion for a few days, but now it seems that I have no chance."

    Watching them turn around and leave one after another, the Shangguan clan head gritted his teeth. He flicked his robe with an unsightly face and left.

    What a Feng Jiu! What a Ghost Doctor! Looking down at their Shangguan family? Good, very good!

    When the Third Elder saw that all of them had left, particularly the clan head that had a furious look on his face, he couldn't help but sigh and followed him quickly to the Shangguan's mansion.
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