979 It’s better to rely on oneself than on others

    Duan Ye swatted her hand away and glared at her. "Two big men should keep their hands off each other."

    "Hahahaha..." Feng Jiu burst into laughter and patted his shoulder. "So to speak, you're sensible."

    Hearing this, Duan Ye's lips twitched. He was indeed sensible - if not, he'd be tormented by her. He didn't deny that, except for the little fatty, the other two weren't as easy to fool as the little fatty.

    They settled down at the inn, eating tasty food and living well, while Ning Lang spent a day in the cage hungry. The next morning, starving, he was taken to the mountain behind the underground market to dig up the ore and transport it.

    Under the scorching sun, sweat streaming on his back, his hands and feet were worn and blistered. He was hungry and tired, his whole body was aching. The bruises on his face were still there and he was smeared with soot. He cut a sorry figure everywhere.

    "Alas... I quit. I'm out of strength. I can't move. "

    He plopped down on the stone and cried like a child. "Father, Mother, boohoo....save me... The people outside are all bad. It's too dangerous outside. I've been sold. Boohoo... Father, Mother, I want to go home... "


    The sound of a whip whizzed by. When the whip hit on the stone beside him with a bang, a harsh shout was also heard. "What are you bawling about? Get up and get on with it!"

    "Boohoo...I haven't eaten. My stomach, I can't move..."

    Ning Lang sniffed, he shrank his body while watching the malicious looking guy. He had been beaten since yesterday. He was afraid. When he was still at home before, who would dare beat him? Sure enough, the people outside were all bad. The world outside was too dangerous. It's safe to stay at home.

    "Hungry? Come with me. " The big man glanced at him and turned to leave.

    Hearing this, Ning Lang quickly stood up and followed him around until he came to a small shed. When he saw the man scooping a bowl of things from a bucket, he handed it over.

    "Eat! Once you finish eating, go back to work quickly! "

    Ning lang reached out and took it. When he saw what's inside the bowl was too watery and the porridge had a weird smell, he was shocked. "This is... this is pig feed?! It's not human food. How could this fill my stomach?"

    "Are you still complaining?"

    The big man snorted heavily and looked at him with contempt. "People with no ability like you can only do some rough work of lifting and carrying every day. You eat people's leftovers ."

    "What do you mean, no ability! I can do business, I can balance the accounts, I can make money! I'm a Foundation Building first stage cultivator! " He wiped his tears and roared resentfully.

    "Doing business? Balancing accounts? A Foundation Building first stage cultivator? Tch!"

    He sneered. "Kid, Grandpa will teach you! In this world, only the strong are respected. Since you do business and earn lots of money, can your Foundation Building first stage protect you? So long as a person has better cultivation than you, he can kill you at any time and take the money you earn with much toil. Do you understand? Only strength is the most reliable. "

    Ning Lang stared at him blankly, thinking in a daze. In the past, he would have said that with money, he could have hired a lot of powerful people to protect him. However, in only two days, what he had experienced was something he had never encountered before. The reality of his own experience made him realize that it was better to rely on himself than on others.
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