980 Fetching a high price

    Looking at this dumbfounded little fatty in front of him, the big man kept a fierce look on his face, but he was cursing inwardly. On top of the tasks assigned were unexplained, he was given such a lousy task. He couldn't hit or touch or knock but educated him like his own son. He had never received such a task. It simply made him depressed - better let him move a big rock.

    "Are you eating this porridge or not? If not, go back and move stones!" The big man yelled with a gruff voice and glared at him.

    Ning Lang bit his lip tearfully. With both hands holding the broken bowl with a missing corner, he was very aggrieved. None of his servants used such broken bowls nor did they drink such thin and watery porridge. He did rough work, and this was the only thing he had to eat.

    "Do you have steamed buns or something? I won't eat enough with this."

    "There's none, do you want to eat or not!" The big man yelled with his eyes glaring at him. If it was a normal case, he would whip him directly.


    His stomach started growling, Ning Lang looked at the bowl in his hands. He could only drink it with his eyes closed. After downing the whole bowl, he felt it was like drinking a bowl of water. He licked the corner of his mouth and stared at the bucket. "I want more." It's not tasty, but it's better than starving.

    "You still want some more? What do you think this place is? No, get to work!" The big man grabbed the bowl in his hand and put it back, pushing him forward. "Go back to work quickly!"

    Ning Lang stared. "You won't let me drink enough of this watery porridge first?"

    "Tch! Don't think about it. It's okay as long as you're not starving to death. Do you want to drink enough? Do you think this is your home? " The big man pushed him and lashed the whip in his hand toward him. "Go!"

    Ning Lang gritted his teeth and stared at him hatefully. He thought to himself, "Just you wait. Wait for this young master to leave this place. I must clean you up!"

    In a place not far away, Feng Jiu and Duan Ye stood watching. The two took the whole scene in different perspectives. One saw it as a joke, the other had a surprise.

    "How long are you going to keep him here?" Duan Ye asked Feng Jiu.

    "Wait until he can't endure it anymore." Her lips curved up. "Right now it seems that he still has some strength."

    Duan Ye's lips twitched, looking at Ning Lang below who was ordered to carry stones. He's wearing ragged clothes and a pair of worn-out shoes. His hair was in a tousle and his face bruised and swollen.

    This kid deserved it. Who lets him sell Ghost Doctor's identity as soon as he met Feng Jiu? From the time he knew of that matter, he was certain that this boy had to suffer. Unexpectedly, it happened at this place!

    "Let's go! Let's find a place to drink. " Feng Jiu told Duan Ye, then turned around to leave. They came and left quietly. Ning Lang, who was not far away, knew nothing.

    Until, three days later early in the morning, Ning Lang, who was still asleep, was called up, and was taken forcibly for a bath by two men. He put on a suit of bright-coloured clothes and was attended from head to foot.

    Ning Lang was frightened from the beginning to the end. He couldn't help but scream when someone dabbed some powders on his pale face, which was thinner than that of the previous days.

    "What do you want to do!"

    "What are we doing? There are people in the male brothels who come to pick young men. They like those of 15 or 16-year-olds like you. It's just the right time to sell you for a high price. " The steward who came in smiled with narrowed eyes but inwardly, he felt apprehensive.

    When he heard this, Ning Lang's pale face turned even more white. He looked at him incredulously. "Male Brothels? I don't want to! "
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