981 Appears

    "You don't want to? You still have to even if you don't." The steward signalled him to be escorted ahead. He stayed behind to wipe the cold sweat, then he kept up with them hurriedly.

    "No, I don't want to be sold to a male brothel. I want to go home. I want to go home..." He struggled and shouted, but he didn't eat for a few days and his cultivation was sealed. He looked very weak, but he was led forward by two cultivators with difficulty.

    When they reached the front site, he was locked inside the cage again. Besides him, there were five or six 15 or 16-year-olds in the cage. Their looks were better than those of ordinary youngsters. Moreover, they were all dressed up in new clothes and well-groomed.

    He looked at those youngsters with anxiety. Would he really have to be sold to those places?

    Just when he felt uneasy, he suddenly saw two familiar figures. His eyes were suddenly filled with surprise. With both hands clutching the door of the iron cage, he shouted. "Feng Jiu! Feng Jiu! Duan Ye, Duan Ye, save me, save me! I'm here, I'm here!"

    The two people who were talking seemed to hear him inadvertently. Looking back, when their eyes made contact with the figure in the cage, Duan Ye stepped forward, while Feng Jiu slowed down a little.

    "Little Fatty? Why are you here?" Duan Ye looked at the person locked inside the cage in surprise. It was as if he didn't know anything, his question was tinged with confusion and amazement.

    "Boohoo...Duan Ye. Someone sold me."

    His eyes turned red and he looked at the slowly approaching Feng Jiu. "Feng Jiu, I shouldn't have run away. These people are all bad. They don't give me food, and they make me do rough work. You see, my hands are full of blisters."

    Feng Jiu stopped at the iron cage and looked at the young man who turned gaunt and haggard after a few days. She asked with a smile, "Why didn't you tell them that you are wealthy so that they let you go?"

    "I did tell them, but they didn't believe me." He answered, looking aggrieved.

    "Don't you have certain cultivation for self-protection? Why don't you run away? "

    "I can't escape. My cultivation has been sealed." He saw that she was clearly smiling, but there was no smile in her eyes. He was terrified when he saw Feng Jiu hadn't yet said that she's going to save him.

    "Feng Jiu, you can save me, right?"

    "I have nothing to do with you since you ran away. Maybe you can escape with your own skill."

    "No, I, I can't get out." He bent his head slightly, not daring to look her in the eye. "Please help me get out! Just this once. I will not rely on people to save me in the future, I will strive to practice, strive to become strong."

    "Will you be obedient?" She asked with eyebrows raised.

    "Mm, I'll listen. I'll definitely listen." He nodded quickly.

    "Not running away?" She asked again.

    "No, I'll go where you want me to go." He promised her in a hurry.

    Hearing his promise, her lips curved up. "Wait up!" She turned away, leaving only Duan Ye there.

    "Why are you guys still here? Are you looking for me? " Ning Lang asked Duan Ye who stood outside.

    Duan Ye shot a glance at him and answered, "No, Feng Jiu said not to look for you after you left. Today, I only heard that there is a local market here and come to have a look."

    Ning Lang silently lowered his head.

    Not long after, Ning Lang saw the thin as a monkey steward trotted. He came with Feng Jiu, his waist half bent with an ingratiating look. Seeing this different attitude, he sighed.

    Wasn't this different treatment due to strength? He's really seen a lot these days.
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