983 You must be cheating

    In fact, he was very much against the eight supreme empires. His family was considered a royal family on this side. But there, it was only a small clan. He didn't want to go there, so he didn't pay much attention to his training and didn't return to the academy. He didn't plan to be selected by the Nebula Sect in the future. If he was selected, he would have to go there.

    He could be called Little Overlord here, but when he went to those places there, he would be a man with his tail tucked under, so he didn't want to do it.

    "Quick, quick, Song Ming has put his bet in front again. He lost a lot of money yesterday. Let's go and have a look." Several men left together.

    Feng Jiu and her group sitting at the tea stand listened, their expression changed. Reportedly, in addition to his immoral self-indulgence in loving beauties, Song Ming was skilled in gambling. How could he lose?

    "Shall we go and see?" Ning Lang looked at the other two and asked.

    "Mm." Feng Jiu nodded. After paying for the tea, they got up to follow the crowd.

    At some distance away, an alley was crowded with people. A square table was placed in the middle of the crowd where a young man in brocade garment sat with his feet up, followed by a young attendant. There was a dice cup in front of him. On the table's surface, two characters were written: Big and Small. On top, there was a lot of money.

    "Quick, quick, set your bet now, don't change your position later!" He cried, knocking on the table with one hand.

    There were many people who had put their bets, almost all on the big side. As the crowd settled down, he opened the dice cup. Seeing the number on it, the crowd roared.

    "How can it be small? Earlier, we had so many openings with small numbers. "

    "I've lost a lot of money on the big side."

    "This one must be big!"

    "Hey hey, I'm sorry, everyone. My luck is still good today. I won again." He laughed. The young attendant behind him came up to collect the money, then stood at a distance behind him.

    Song Ming grabbed the dice on the table and shook it. After putting it down, he yelled, "Set your bet, can't change later!"

    "I stake on the big!"

    "Me too, I stake on the big!"

    "It must open with the big number!"

    "I don't believe it won't open at this side!"

    The crowd gambled with passion. Their eyes turned red, not scared to take out money to stake on the big side.

    Feng Jiu's group of three were looking on. Those people were yelling and roaring there. But at the moment of opening, it was opened to the small one again. After several sets, those who lost had their eyes turn red.

    Finally, someone got rid of his own fallacy, shouting: "It's been open to small, I'll buy small!"

    "Me too, I'll buy small!"

    Another person followed. In a blink of an eye, the small side was filled with a pile of gold and silver coins. When the cup was opened, there was a silence around, and then there was a round of abuse.

    "Song Ming! Are you cheating? We bought big, it opened small. When we bought small, it opened big. You must be cheating!"

    "Right, you must be cheating! Return our money!"

    Everybody was angry. They came forward to grab the money, however, at this moment Song Ming snorted heavily. Both his hands slapped the table. The Foundation Building late-stage cultivator's aura started attacking and instantly pushed the people surrounding him out.

    He stood up, looking calm and collected, staring at the people around him who fell to the ground. He snorted coldly, "How dare you rob my money? I think you have the guts! " As soon as he finished speaking, he signalled the young attendant behind him to collect all the money on the table.

    Alright, I won't play with you today. I have to visit the Beauty Pavilion!"
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