985 Gentlemen, please don’t figh

    Feng Jiu looked back and saw a young man in a brocade robe standing in front of him. He watched the round and white Little Cloud Devouring Beast with a look of surprise. If it wasn't for Cloud Devouring Beast to snarl and stare at him with hostility, seeing from his overstretched arms, he would have wanted to embrace him.

    "Not for sale." Feng Jiu answered, called Cloud Devouring Beast which then jumped to her feet.

    "I'll pay a high price, sell it to me!" The young man came to Feng Jiu's side.

    Feng Jiu couldn't help but curved her lips, glancing at the young man. "Do you see me like a pauper?"

    The boy sized him up from top to bottom. He just noticed this person's bearing was extraordinary and her dress was top grade, especially the dazzling rainbow-coloured glazed feather that covered half her waist.

    "Then, I'll give you something in exchange." He put it another way.

    Feng Jiu didn't pay attention to him. She glanced at him coldly and then walked upstairs with Cloud Devouring Beast.

    At that glance, the young man felt a chill rising from the sole of his feet to his heart. Seeing her going upstairs, he still wanted to speak again and was pushed aside rudely by Duan Ye. "What are you doing? Do you want to be given a lesson? "

    "What are you pushing me for!" The young man was angry and stared at the baby-faced Duan Ye. Compared with the young man in red with chilly eyes, the baby-faced boy was not as imposing and scary, so he was not afraid.

    "Stay away from us!" Duan Ye snorted coldly. After putting out a word of warning, he turned around and walked upstairs. However, at this time, his robe was stepped on, almost making him bounce forward.

    "Ah! Sorry, I accidentally stepped on your robe." The young man said apologetically, but his face was full of provocation.

    Duan Ye was not one to suffer losses. Seeing that the young man dared to step on his robe in the back, his doll face suddenly turned gloomy and directly raised his feet for a kick.


    "Hiss, ah!"

    He kicked the boy's chest as he flew out of the room. It hurt so much that he fell to the ground and was unable to stand for a long time.

    "Third Young Master!"

    The guards outside stepped inside quickly and helped him up. At the same time, two of them pulled out the long swords at their waists and attacked Duan Ye and Ning Lang. "How dare you to hit my young master. You are looking for death!"

    Ning Lang was staring at Duan Ye's trampled robe and found a set of footprints on it. He wanted to laugh. Seeing Duan Ye kicked the young man out of the room and turned around, his mouth opened wide in astonishment. He was totally stunned. Several guards rushed in from outside. Some helped the young man up and some drew their swords and slashed at them. He was so surprised that his consciousness suddenly returned.

    "Why did you slash at me? I didn't kick your young master!" He yelled as he dodged, punching one of the guards right in the eye.

    "Ah! My eyes..."

    "Damn it! You two kids! "

    The other two guards also followed. Their long swords came out and the blade's light swept past them. They came to attack at the inn's interior. Some ordinary inn guests were frightened and hid, while some cultivators were still sitting and staring at the people fighting with interest.

    The innkeeper hid behind the counter. He saw the chaotic first floor and cried with a pale face filled with anxiety. "Gentlemen, gentlemen, stop fighting, stop fighting. If you keep on fighting, this little shop will be smashed..."

    When he was still shouting, he saw the shadow of a sword coming to him. He got scared to the point of crouching down. He felt that the sword shadow cut at the top of his head. He wiped his cold sweat and climbed out using both hands and feet.
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