988 A chill

    Light footsteps flitted up the inn's roof. Inside the pitch-black room, Feng Jiu, still sleeping on the bed, opened her eyes after hearing the movements on the roof. Her eyes were as brilliant as the stars in the night sky.

    Cloud Devouring Beast that was reclining at the room door, straightened up and went to the bed to see its mistress awake.

    Feng Jiu waved her hand gently and motioned for it to lie down. It went back to reclining on the ground and closed its eyes.

    Instead of getting up, she closed her eyes and listened attentively, wanting to see how alert Duan ye and Ning Lang were. After these two boys had a fight with people in the daytime, would they fall asleep or remain vigilant?

    In the other two rooms, Duan Ye and Ning Lang woke up when someone descended on the roof. Duan Ye was originally vigilant. Since Ning Lang suffered misfortune before, he didn't dare to be careless and stayed alert.

    There was very little movement and the breath was so well masked. It was evident that the person who had come was not a Foundation Building cultivator but a Golden Core.

    Was he from the Song family? This kind of sneaky conduct was really despicable. During the day, they had a fight with their family members. Tonight, they came to deal with them. Even fools knew it's the hands of the Song family. But apparently it's still the same thing. This kind of thing done in secret was truly beyond contempt.

    However, as they laid still on the bed with their eyes closed, they were surprised to find that there was no movement at all. Was this man perhaps not from the Song family?

    When they were still thinking about it, a faint fragrance dispersed. When they smelled the fragrance, they cried inwardly, it's a mess! They were about to jump, but their vision darkened and they lost consciousness.

    Just when they lost consciousness, a shadow came in from the door, pierced their arms with a drug-infused needle, and then left.

    In the other room, Feng Jiu also listened to the movement. However, no movement was detected for a long time, until a faint scent filled the room. Her heart stirred. She told Cloud Devouring Beast telepathically to be obedient and behave like a harmless pet, then act according to circumstances.

    Not long after, the door was opened from outside. Two black shadows came in. One of them picked up Cloud Devouring Beast on the ground, while the other came forward with a drug-infused needle in his hand. When he was about to inject it, Feng Jiu who was still lying in bed suddenly opened her eyes, reached out and broke his bone.



    The sound of bone snapping rang out in the pitch-black room. The cultivator's cry of pain suddenly stopped, as if his voice was stuck in his throat. He sensed the pierce of a needle in his body and he collapsed weakly.

    This sudden scene surprised another man in black who was holding the small beast. When he was about to leave quickly, the small beast without killing power, which he held in his arms and had no lethal power, suddenly roared and a flash of light emanated from its body. It transformed from a small pet to a huge and powerful beast. Its claw pressed down on the shocked Golden Core cultivator so that he was unable to move.

    "Hiss! You..."

    The Golden Core cultivator, who had been pinned to the ground by Cloud Devouring Beast whose body had been restored to its original shape, gasped and exclaimed in shock seeing Feng Jiu and the divine beast. At the same time, his voice also stilled. After that cursory movement, the room was calm again, as if it was just an illusion.

    Feng Jiu took the needle in his hand and lit the light in the room. She looked at the dark glow inside the needle and a chill flashed in her eyes.
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