989 Will die in 3 days

    "Is this the Song family head's idea?" She raised her eyebrows and stared at the cultivator who was pressed to the ground by Cloud Devouring Beast and could hardly breathe.

    The cultivator trembled all over, unable to get up. He said nothing but looked at the red-robed young man in horror.

    "Not telling? It doesn't matter. I can take you back to the Song family and ask for an explanation. Don't think about death. If you die, I will feed you to my little beast. "

    She spoke in an unhurried tone while glancing at the man on the ground. He was not afraid of him committing suicide, for she had seen that he was afraid of death. Otherwise, he would have committed suicide at the moment he was caught, not waiting until now.

    "Watch them." Feng Jiu told Cloud Swallowing Beast to guard the two men. She went out and came to Duan Ye's room first to check his situation.

    "This idiot." She couldn't help cursing. They were still tricked.

    Immediately, she took out a silver needle and pricked Duan Ye's acupoint to wake him up first. Unexpectedly, when he awakened, his fist containing dark energy swung toward her face. She blocked it quickly and told him gloomily, "It's me."

    He slowly regained consciousness when hearing Feng Jiu's voice. Duan Ye was surprised. "Why are you here?" He sat up in a hurry. When he felt that there was nothing wrong with his body, he relaxed. "Fortunately, it's nothing. I thought I was tricked!"

    "Nothing?" Feng Jiu looked askance at him, her expression turned strange. She stood up and flicked her robe. "Do you think it's nothing?"

    Hearing this, Duan Ye's heart sank. He had an ominous premonition. "It seemed that I fainted when I smelled something. Now I wake up and my body is OK, isn't it?"

    "Let's first go to the next room to see Ning Lang." She turned around and walked out with Duan Ye close at her heel. When they reached the next room, they found Ning Lang was also passed out on the bed.

    He watched Feng Jiu come forward, took his pulse, and pricked his acupoint with a silver needle to wake him up.


    Ning Lang opened his eyes slowly. When he saw Feng Jiu sitting beside the bed, he was shocked: "Feng Jiu? How did you come to my room? " He sat up and saw that Duan Ye was also there. He couldn't help sighing. "Everyone's here! That's good. I tell you, when I was sleeping, I heard some movements. Did you hear anything? I suppose they were sent by the Song family. "

    "Now that you know it, you've got yourself in danger. You dislike having a long life, don't you? Why don't you know how to react in the first place? " She looked at the two, her voice was cold and fierce.

    They were silent for a while, looking at each other and then toward Feng Jiu waiting for her to continue. When he woke up, he saw her angry face. Obviously something was wrong.

    "You're poisoned. This poison is highly toxic and takes effect slowly, killing people in three days. This man is very cruel. He fought in the daytime and sent someone to take your life in the evening." She leaned on the edge of the bed with her arms folded across her chest, her beautiful face was cold and a chill flashed in her eyes.

    For this kind of person who would easily kill and had a malicious mind, she suddenly felt her hands itching again.

    Hearing her words, Duan Ye's face sank with gloom and murderous aura emanated from his body, while Ning Lang's eyes widened in amazement and shock with a somewhat incredulous look.

    "Really? Sending someone here to poison us, moreover, using that vicious and sinister method? It's to let us die quietly in three days so that no one can find out who poisoned us? Who did such a sinister thing?"
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