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    "I want to know who did it, too." Duan Ye's voice was thoroughly chilly and murderous. His doll face looked ferocious and blood-thirsty.

    Feng Jiu's glance swept past the two men. "The two Golden Core cultivators are still in my room. Let's go! Go there and ask." She turned around and went to her room.

    They were shocked to hear this. Those two Golden Cultivators were defeated by him? Puzzled, they followed her and came to her room. As soon as they entered the door, they were both startled and almost cried out in fear.

    In the middle of the room, a huge beast emanated a strong pressure all over its body. It was as fierce as a tiger or a lion. Its vigour made them halt their steps and they didn't step into the room for a long time.

    That's a divine beast! A divine beast! But to their surprise, they actually sensed Cloud Devouring Beast's aura from the powerful beast. The eyes of the beast were more terrible than those of the tiny Cloud Devouring Beast. Its bloodthirsty and ferocious eyes were full of horrible killing intent. Just a glance made the two men shudder.

    In particular, under the beast's claws was a Golden Core cultivator, almost trampled by the beast. He laid still, seemingly unable to breathe, pale and faint, as if he were going to die at any moment.

    The other cultivator fell unconscious on the ground. The two Golden Core cultivators were watched by the beast. Not to mention just two, even if there were two more, they wouldn't be able to leave.

    "They are there, question them in detail!" She motioned. Instead of approaching, she sat down by the table and poured out a cup of tea.

    Since it's concerning their lives, Duan Ye and Ning Lang looked at each other, stepped forward and questioned the Golden Core cultivator trampled by Cloud Devouring Beast in a cold voice. "Who told you to use such an evil method?"

    The Golden Core cultivator gasped as if he could not breathe. He looked at the two of them without speaking.

    Cloud Devouring Beast saw the two men were there and withdrew. It shrunk its body back to a small and round one. Like a small pet without attacking ability, it came to Feng Jiu's side and sat crouching.

    "Not telling?"

    Duan Ye unsheathed a long sword and pointed its sharp and cold blade at the man's crotch. "Are you telling us or not?" As soon as his words rang out, his long sword went a little deeper. With just a single stroke, his trousers were cut.

    The Golden Core cultivator who had been pressed to the ground by Cloud Devouring Beast earlier turned pallid. "No, don't, I'll speak, I'll speak."

    There was no doubt, the cowardly Golden Core cultivator was more afraid of becoming neither a male nor female than with keeping secrets. So, in a moment of crisis, when he felt a chill in his crotch and cold sweats broke out all over him, he chose to name the person who commanded him.

    "It's, it's the Second Madam. We are Second Madam's underlings. You beat Third Young Master up. Since the family head was dealing with Eldest Young Master's matters and only told Third Young Master not to cause trouble, he couldn't swallow this tone and begged to go to Second Madam. Then, Second Madam told us to take the medicine. Because she didn't want others to suspect the Song family, she gave us the slow but highly toxic poison to use. It will take three days for the poison to set in. Even if you die, no one will doubt the Song family. That's what we know. I've said everything. Please let me live! "

    The Golden Core cultivator quickly blurted everything he knew in exchange for a chance to live.
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