991 Curable

    Hearing this, Duan Ye and Ning Lang's expression changed. Second Madam? The Song family head's other woman? Allegedly, that woman could only be regarded as the second wife when she was brought into the family residence and her sons could only be commoners, children of a concubine. However, it was rumoured that the woman had always been gentle and delicate.

    After many years, her status in the Song family had moved up. To their surprise, she was a two-faced woman with a vicious mind.

    Also, if she had no tricks up her sleeve, how could she have a son as old as Song Ming and later enter the mansion after the death of Song Ming's mother? If not for the actions of Song Ming's mother's clan to prevent it, she would have been the wife in charge of the Song family.

    It was quite reasonable for a scheming woman with quite a few tricks to dispatch these people tonight. The one beaten by them during the day was her own son and the Song family head didn't act. As a mother, how could she stay calm?

    However, she didn't inquire about their origins before making her move. Could any random person who wanted to take their lives do it easily? Since she wanted to kill them silently, then they must think carefully about a way to retaliate!

    Sitting by the table, Feng Jiu rested her chin in one hand. Her face was expressionless while listening to the Golden Core cultivator's words. However, inwardly, she had been thinking of a way to deal with Second Madam.

    She had never been soft against a bully who came her way. Especially, it's just a fistfight between boys. Why did she meddle? It's really atrocious to use such a dark and harmful method.

    Duan Ye glanced at the two men on the ground. A killing intent flashed in his eyes. Then, he raised a sharp sword. When its cold light swept, blood splashed out. The one still conscious was killed before he even begged for mercy. As for the other, he breathed his last breath while still comatose.

    "Ning Lang, please dispose of those corpses." Duan Ye told him, then walked toward Feng Jiu. "Can you cure our poison?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at both of them. "Come over tomorrow morning for the antidote."

    It set their hearts at ease. Duan Ye asked, "What are your thoughts about that woman?"

    "Thoughts? I don't think much of a woman with a wicked mind. But, tonight the feud is settled. It doesn't make sense not returning the favour." She sneered and tapped her fingers on the table, her eyes were chilly.

    Duan Ye and Ning Lang look at each other. Knowing that they didn't need to act, she would deal with it. Moreover, they believed that Feng Jiu would definitely do it better than them.

    So, after they spoke, they disposed of the corpses and cleaned the bloodstained floor. Then, they returned to their rooms to rest first and waited for the dawn to get the antidote.

    There was Ghost Doctor around. Even if they were poisoned, they were not so worried. The Song family's Second Madam did not investigate the identity of the three of them. They only knew that she would regret tonight's poison plan very soon.

    When the two returned to their rooms, Feng Jiu began dispensing antidotes for them. Even though it was highly toxic, it was not difficult for her. After taking a bottle of antidote, the poison in their bodies would be relieved tomorrow.

    She spent four hours refining two bottles of antidotes and put them on the table. She told Cloud Devouring Beast to keep watch at the room and get them to take the medicine when they come over tomorrow. Then, the figure in red quietly left the inn.
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