992 There’s no need to do it yourself

    In the middle of the night, at the Black Market, the sleeping Black Market Chief could only arise quickly when he heard that someone came with a first-class Black Order. After dressing up, he came to the living room in haste, accompanied by two Black Market elders.

    As soon as they entered the living room, they saw a handsome young man in red. When they saw the young man's face, they were startled, then their expressions were giddy with anticipation.

    "I was unaware that the esteemed Ghost Doctor is here. Please don't take offence for the lack of welcome." The Chief stepped in, smiling and offering an apology.

    After sipping the tea, Feng Jiu put the teacup down and looked at the middle-aged man and two elders. She stood up and cupped her fists in greeting. "Chief, two elders."

    When the two elderly men saw it, they also smiled and returned the greeting hurriedly. Ghost Doctor, please sit down."

    After taking a seat and dismissing the servants, the Chief and the two elders took a glance at each other and inquired. "What's the purpose of Ghost Doctor coming so late at night?"

    It was commonly said that one doesn't visit a temple without a cause, let alone the always low-key Ghost Doctor? She wouldn't have come to the Black Market to look for them without having some matters.

    "I need information about the Song family head's Second Madam." She conveyed her purpose clearly and gave them a meaningful look. "Some information that outsiders can't find."

    The three men were astounded to hear this. The Song family head's Second Madam? Did the woman offend Ghost Doctor? They looked at each other, then nodded.

    "Since it's Ghost Doctor who made the request, we naturally won't hide it. To be honest, all Black Market locations keep data and information about local families and some key figures on hand. We can find almost all three generations of data. Otherwise, we, the Black Market, won't have such a large influence in various places."

    The Chief smiled. "It's impossible for outsiders to take out our in-depth data and information, but it's not a problem for our own people."

    He stood up and told Feng Jiu, "Ghost Doctor, just sit for a moment, and I'll get it for you." He saluted Feng Jiu and turned around to leave.

    "Ghost Doctor, how did the Song family's Second Madam offend you?" The two elders asked.

    Feng Jiu told them the story briefly.

    "I see. " The two men nodded. "The Song family's Second Madam still has some means. She kept a lot of people in private even without the knowledge of the Song family head."

    "If she didn't offend me, I would have no intention of having a dispute with her. It's a pity that, because of a fight among several youngsters, she would secretly use a dirty move. If I don't teach her a lesson she'll never forget, she would feel that everyone can be bullied easily."

    Feng Jiu's expression turned chilly. Originally, she wanted to come to the Song family only to take Song Ming away. Who knew that someone dared to poison those around her in her presence. Could anyone treat her, Feng Jiu, as a pushover?

    "Hahaha, in fact, Ghost Doctor, there's no need to do it yourself ." One of the elders smiled and stroked his beard, looking at Feng Jiu. "There's no lack of people who want her life, but they can't grasp that woman's weak points."

    "It's coming. Sorry for making Ghost Doctor wait long."

    The Chief strode in with the information bag in his hand and handed it to Feng Jiu. "Ghost Doctor, this is all the information of that woman, as well as some things she has done that are not known to anyone."
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