994 Spring in the middle of the nigh

    Even if the Song's Second Madam was the only mistress in the mansion, since she was not the legal wife of the family head, she could at best be regarded as a concubine. Therefore, she wasn't qualified to stay in the east courtyard's main house.

    Inside the Song Mansion, the Song family head resided in the east courtyard, which also served as the main courtyard. The South courtyard, the second-largest courtyard after the east courtyard was where Song Ming dwelled. The West courtyard was divided into two parts, one side was inhabited by Second Madam, while the other side was for her two sons. The north courtyard was usually used to receive guests.

    So, it was easy for her to find Second Madam's courtyard. Perhaps, either the guards were self-assured or they thought that no one dared to come to the Song Mansion. Therefore, aside from the two teams of night watchers in the mansion, there were only two guards in the courtyard.

    She entered from behind and sneaked into the room quietly from the window. Her figure was lithe as a cat. After landing steadily, she hid in the dark, looking at the figure on the bed while wondering. This woman was skilled at poison, then, how to act?

    While she was still ruminating, that woman turned her body and her sleepy voice came from behind the curtain. "Ruyi, pour me a glass of water."

    Feng Jiu's eyes moved. She flashed to the outside, took out a pill and kneaded it into powder and sprinkled it inside the kettle. This medicine was colourless and tasteless. Even if she was skilled at poison, she would not notice anything.

    The waiting-maid outside pushed the door in, lit a lamp and poured the water. "Madam, here's the water."

    From inside the canopy, a pair of snow-white and soft lily-white hands reached out. After receiving the water, she drank a few mouthfuls and returned the cup. She asked softly with a voice tinged with languid and sleepiness, "What time is it?"

    "To answer Madam, it's just passed the Hour of the Rat." The maid answered respectfully.

    "Mm, you can withdraw!" She flicked her hand and motioned the maid to withdraw. Just as she was going to sleep, she heard a sound from outside.

    "We have met the family head." The two guards saluted respectfully.

    The woman in the room listened, astonished. She hurriedly asked, "Is Master here?" While speaking, she got up to welcome him.

    After seeing that she drank the water, Feng Jiu went out to put an antidote inside the doctored kettle to avoid detection. When she was about to leave, she heard voices from outside. She was shocked and then hid in the dark again.

    "Master, why are you here so late?" Second Madam had her fine black hair hang down loosely on her shoulders. She only wore undergarment to cover her chest and abdomen with a light muslin draped on her body. The snow-white skin and alluring breasts were faintly discernible. Her waist was slender and supple. The exquisite and lithe body looked more seductive and charming in the night. Yet, her bare, jade-like feet moved towards him with light and graceful steps, with the welcoming stance of a concubine.

    Seeing this, the Song family head's eyes darkened. It was as if a ball of fire leapt in his eyes and his eye colour deepened. He waved, signalling the servant girl to retreat. Then, he gathered the delicate and lovely woman who came to welcome him in his arms. His large hands held the delicate, soft and glossy skinned, warm and smooth like a piece of fine jade, which made him unwilling to let go. His hands tightened and pressed her buxom upper body against his bosom. His hand moved down slowly and caressed her gently.

    "Lian'er, why did you get out of bed barefooted? The cold floor is bad for your body. " While speaking, he stopped to pick her up and walked toward the bed.

    The Second Madam wrapped her hands around his neck and buried her head in his arms, looking coquettish.

    Feng Jiu's lip corners twitched while watching the scene unfold. What kind of luck she had...
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