995 A tussle behind the red canopy

    She was going to leave, but now that the Song family head came in. She couldn't go even if she wanted to.

    Then, should she remain and watch their late night spring show?

    Her eyes flickered slightly at the thought. After some thoughts, she decided against it. A portly middle-aged uncle was not a good sight. She'd better hide here and find a chance to get out!

    Inside the room, a woman's delicate voice was heard along with a man's eager panting. With eyes focused, narrowed to a squint, her gaze was directed toward the canopy. The overlapping figures inside the canopy were faintly discernible. Tender gasps were heard, as if in the peak of ecstasy.

    After waiting inside the room for nearly an hour, she could not help but stroke her chin. The bed was squeaking and creaking with their movement, accompanied by the rough pants and sweet moans. She thought inwardly that these two played with remarkable intensity this midnight.

    Taking advantage of the fact that the two were busy making love and had no time to take care of the others, she slipped out quietly and jumped out of the room in a few breaths. She concealed herself in the dark outside to avoid the night watchers and jumped out of the Song mansion.

    Her lip corners were slightly curved. She was curious. Tomorrow morning, when the Song family head woke up and saw the beautiful woman in his arms turned into a wrinkly decrepit woman, what expression would he have?

    She was on her way to the inn, where there were few pedestrians. The sky was cloudy, but some of the stalls had already stood and got ready for business at dawn. Passing a stall, she smelled the rich aroma of soy milk and halted her steps.

    "Is this soy milk?" "She asked, looking at a middle-aged couple.

    "It is soy beancurd. It's still boiling, not done yet!" The woman answered.

    "How long will it take?" She rubbed her stomach and sat down at their small table.

    "It can take an hour to be ready. Young Master can sit down while having some tea or snacks? I made all myself. " The woman spoke, sending some snacks and tea to Feng Jiu.

    Thus, Feng Jiu took a seat and ate here. Anyway, she couldn't go back to sleep now. It's better to wait until after daybreak to call the two men and then go to the Song family to watch the bustle.

    After making up her mind, she sat here with one hand propping up her chin.

    On daybreak, after eating the soy beancurd, she brought back two portions for the two people in the inn. Besides soy beancurd, there were also steamed buns made by the stall owner couple. When returning to the inn, she saw the two people coming downstairs.

    "You haven't been home all night?" The two looked at Feng Jiu who just came in and asked in surprise.

    "Did you drink the antidote?" She asked them. Since it was still early, there was almost no one on the first floor of the inn.

    "Mm, Cloud Devouring Beast told us." They nodded. After coming to Feng Jiu, they looked her up and down. "Didn't you go to the Song family covertly? Did you go quietly and with ease, without being seen? "

    The Song family head was a Nascent Soul cultivator and there were also powerful cultivators in their house. She was just a Golden Core cultivator. If she went, she would absolutely get spotted. But if she didn't go to the Song family, they really couldn't figure out where she went last night.

    "By the way, I've brought you breakfast. Eat it quickly. After eating, we'll go watch the bustle." She put the things in her hands on a table and indicated them to eat the food quickly. At the same time, she called upstairs, "Cloud Swallowing Beast, come down."

    Cloud Swallowing Beast walked out of the room and flew down to Feng Jiu's side.
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