997 It’s really me

    When the mirror reflected her naked figure into her eyes, she stepped back in disbelief. Her legs turned to jelly and she flopped on the ground.

    The person in the mirror looked like an old woman. Her sexy and buxom figure was now old and shrivelled. Her face was emaciated, unlike her previous delicate appearance. Her full head of white hair made her look like an aged woman of nearly a hundred years old. From head to toe, there's no similarity at all.

    "How could this be? How did this happen? How did I end up like this? How?"

    She wrapped her hands tightly around her unsightly naked body while muttering in a low voice, unable to take it all in silently. She was in a stupor, unable to believe that she looked grotesque and hideous upon awakening.

    While in a daze, she seemed to think of something. Looking helplessly at the Song family head, who still stood with cloth wrapped around his body with a furious expression, she sobbed, "Master, Master, how could this happen? How did I end up like this? "

    The Song family head had been furious the moment before. When he woke up, the sultry beauty in his arms turned into a hundred-year-old decrepit woman. When he was just about to put on his clothes and ordered someone to drag the woman out, the hoarse and unpleasant voice called him Master, making his anger rose.

    Furious and embarrassed, he stepped forward and kicked the naked old woman who was sitting on the floor. "Shameless creature! Who the hell are you!"

    Second Madam, who was in a panic and felt helpless, was kicked in the chest. She fell backwards, rolled twice and hit the cabinet at the wall corner. Her head bumped the ground, making her bled. She cried out in pain due to the power contained in that kick.


    She screamed, struggling to get up, and looked in tears at the Song family head who was putting on clothes. "Master, it's me, it's me, I'm Lian'er, I'm Lian'er..."

    The Song family head heard this while still dressing up and was shocked. He stopped what he's doing with a dejected look. "You, are you Lian'er?"

    He drew breath sharply. "How is it possible!" Evidently, he was unconvinced that a lovely and delicate beauty would wake up an elderly woman. No one could bear the shock of this visual transformation.

    "Family head? Family head, what happened? Do you need the subordinates to come in?"

    The guards outside were alarmed by the shouts and cries of surprise inside the room. At this time, several guards were shouting and inquiring outside. They would rush inside the room once the command was given.

    Hearing the words outside, Second Madam struggled to get up while enduring the pain from the kick and put on her clothes. Just with a thought that she was grotesque and hideous, her tears flowed.

    Only, when a young and pretty woman cried, it was likened to pear blossoms bathed in tears. Tender and gentle, nothing was more beautiful could be imagined. It made people's hearts overflow with compassion.

    At this time, she turned into an old woman. Her appearance changed, she was old and grey-haired with wrinkles all over her face. When she started crying, it only made people feel disgusted. They didn't even want to give her a second glance.

    "You're Lian'er?"

    The Song family head calmed down. He felt it impossible for outsiders to lie in his embrace after he fell asleep. So, was this old lady really Lian'er? Just, if it was her, how could she turn into this appearance overnight?

    "Master, it's me. It's really me. I don't know how this happened. I don't know how I turned into this." She wiped her tears and put her face half-covered with her sleeves. She did not dare to look at him.
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