998 An ageing disease

    The Song family head frowned and glanced at her. After a pause, he told her, "I'll get the doctor to come and take a look at you." While still speaking, he went out of the room and gave a command to get the family doctor to come quickly.

    Second Madam was weeping softly in the room. Outside, the Song family head frowned and looked inside from time to time, but he didn't go in again. Maybe even he didn't want to face the old and haggard-looking woman.

    Not long after, the doctor came in a hurry led by the guard. He entered the room and diagnosed the Second Madam after being instructed by the family head. However, after seeing the Second Madam's condition, the doctor was both surprised and shocked.

    "How is it?" The Song family head asked in a gloomy voice while looking at the family doctor.

    "Family head, I've never heard of Second Madam's condition before."

    The old man was amazed. He sighed. "I only heard that someone turned bald overnight, but I haven't heard of a person who was ageing overnight. I checked her pulse and her body, but I couldn't find anything wrong. I really can't help this case of overnight ageing. I don't know how to prescribe medicine for it."

    With this explanation, the weeping resounded again, only, at this time it made the Song family head feel irritated.

    "Mother? Mother?"

    Outside, a worried voice came. It was the Song's third young master, the Second Madam's youngest son. Since the guard brought the family doctor here and he also lived in the west courtyard, he had heard that there seemed to be something wrong at this place. Someone was crying since early morning, so he rushed in anxiously.

    He quickly ran inside. As soon as he came in, he saw his father was also there. He slowed his pace and saluted courteously. "Father."

    "Why are you here?" The Song family head asked his little son.

    "I heard from the little attendant that someone was weeping since early morning here, so come and have a look." He answered, watching his father sitting calmly and asked cautiously, "Father, what's wrong with my mother?"

    At this, the Song family head frowned, sighed and stood up. He told his son, "Go and have a look!" As soon as he finished speaking, instead of comforting the woman inside, he strode out.

    The weeping restarted.

    The third young master was stunned and stopped the doctor who was about to withdraw. "What happened to my mother?" he asked

    The doctor cast a glance at him. "Third Young Master, Second Madam has the disease of ageing and becomes an elderly woman overnight. Go in and have a look!" He shook his head and walked out.

    After hearing his reply, the third young master's eyes widened in surprise. Ageing disease? What was that?

    He strode inside and saw his mother huddled on the bed under the quilt. He couldn't help but come closer. "Mother? What's wrong? What happened? Let me see. " While talking, he removed the quilt with one hand. But when the woman underneath it was exposed, he was shocked.


    He exclaimed and instinctively took a few steps back. His heart pounded wildly and his face was filled with dread. He looked at the woman on the bed with disbelief.

    That, was that her mother? How could this be!

    "Boo hoo...I also had no idea. I don't know why I ended up looking like this when I woke up...hoo..." The frightened look on her son's face broke Second Madam's heart. Her cry got louder with helplessness and panic in her voice.
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