1000 Eldest Young Master Wants To Kill

    "Grandpa, uncle, why are you here?"

    Just then, Song Ming's surprised voice drifted in from outside. He ignored the anger emanating from everyone in the room as he walked forward. He had just seen his Grandpa throw something at his father and took a sheet of paper to take a look. His nonchalant expression soon became somber when he read the information on the sheet and was replaced with his usual scowl.

    He picked up the other pieces of paper and looked through them sheet by sheet. The more he read, the more somber his expression became and the murderous air around him deepened. In the end, even his father hesitantly picked up a piece of paper from the floor to take a look.

    After reading through all the information, he threw them onto the table and strode out without saying a word. Master Song was in shock and couldn't help but call out.

    "Ming'er, where are you going?"

    Song Ming did not reply and disappeared before their eyes.

    Master Song looked down at the information, at first he had a look of disapproval, however, the things recorded in there made his heart tremble, it was implausible.

    "How, how is this possible? This is impossible..."

    "Impossible? There is an accurate date and time recorded in, is it not possible? How many fingerprints are there in this document? You say it's impossible? Do you think this document is forged? Who do you think is going to embarrass your delicate woman this day?"

    Master Song's mouth opened as he looked at the document in his hand, his brain frazzled as he struggled to believe the things recorded in the document. Were those things true? How was it possible?

    "What's happened? Why did I hear that Old Liu is here?" Elder Song and several clan ancestors had arrived in the front hall. Because Elder Song and Elder Liu had been good friends for many years, their relationship was always very good. When they became relatives, their relationship was taken to another level.

    Therefore, when he heard Elder Liu's angry voice, he was very surprised.

    Elder Song had walked in with several clan ancestors. As soon as he had sat down, he ordered the servants to gather up the scattered pieces of paper on the floor and bring it to him. When he saw the information recorded on there, Elder Song's breath spread out, filled with anger and murderous intention.

    He calmed himself down and said to the ancestors of the Liu family: "Don't worry. If this is true, I will give your Liu family an explanation." Right after he had spoken, the calls from the panicked housekeeper drifted in from outside.

    "It's not good! It's not good!" Second Young Master has taken his sword to the Western Courtyard and said he wants to kill Second Madam. He is fighting with the Third Young Master."

    When everyone in the front hall heard this, they all rushed out and headed towards the Western Courtyard.

    At the same time, at a tea stall in an alley outside the Song Residence, Feng Jiu, Duan Ye and Ning Lang were sitting and drinking tea leisurely while they listened to the commotion inside the Song Residence.

    Even though there was quite a distance between them, however with their cultivation skills, if they listened closely it was still audible. Therefore even though they were sitting outside, everything that went on inside drifted faintly into the three people's ears still.

    "Didn't you say to go in? We're just going to drink tea here?" Duan Ye glanced at Feng Jiu, unable to figure out what he was up to.

    "What's the hurry? We will go inside when they're done fighting. If we go in now they will be too busy to greet us." Feng Jiu said slowly, though very curious deep down about what exactly was happening inside the Song Residence right now.
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