1002 Could It Be Related?

    How? How could it be? That matter had happened over ten years ago, how did it get exposed now? How did Song Ming find out? What exactly was going on?

    First she had aged overnight and became an old woman, even Master hadn't wanted to look at her much before he left. Now Song Ming had come here and said all this, bringing up the matter. She secretly felt that something was not right and felt that these two incidents were somehow related.

    If Song Ming and the rest of them had the information in their hands and knew about what happened years ago, they wouldn't have waited till now. He only brought it up now, so that meant that he had only just found out today. So who told him?

    A series of questions flashed through her mind, circling around as she thought of her response.

    However, before she had figured out her next step, she saw a large group of people outside walking towards her. Upon seeing all those people, her vision started to blur into blackness as she felt like she was about to faint.

    At that moment, it was as if the sky had fallen down. Other than Master, the Song ancestors and several clan members had also come. These people had never liked her to begin with, even though she had done many things to try to please them they still never changed their opinion of her. They had never stood on her side nor put in a good word for her before. Even her two sons were unable to be the children of a first wife and only known to be sons of a concubine.

    Usually, if there were no major issues, they wouldn't show up. But today, they had all turned up, and even the Liu family were here. Looking at the Liu family, whose eyes looked like they wanted to swallow her up alive, she couldn't help but retreat.

    What do these people want?

    On their way over, they had already heard from Master Song about Second Madam's overnight aging. Even though they were mentally prepared, when they saw her they were still shocked at her appearance.

    How did a person suddenly age overnight like that? However, at this point in time, he didn't care why she became like this, he just wanted to confirm that this old woman was indeed Second Madam.

    They had come today to make her account for her misdeeds against their daughter, not to find out why she had aged.

    "Song Hong!"

    The ancestor of the Liu family bellowed in a deep voice and looked at Second Madam with a murderous glare before he turned his gaze to Master Song asking: "What explanation do you intend to give us regarding this woman?"

    Master Song hesitated and replied: "Father-in-law, please give me some time, I will definitely give the Liu family a satisfactory explanation."

    After all, she was the mother of his other two sons, he couldn't just kill her could he?

    "We will wait here and if you dare delay, we will take her life with our own hands!" Ancestor Liu said in a somber voice. In an instant, a gust of wind surged from his palm and lifted Second Madam who was hiding up and threw her backwards forcefully.



    Screams sounded out, along with Third Young Master's exclamation of worry. He rushed forwards to help his mother up, anger rising from his heart: "Why are you treating my mother like this? I won't allow it!"

    He guarded her by his side and glared at everyone in the Liu family.

    When the Song family saw this, their eyes wavered slightly. Ancestor Song looked at Ancestor Liu and said: "We have to look into this matter and ask more questions first. If we find that it is indeed as the information reports, we will hand her over to you."
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