1004 Provoke Alienation

    She mumbled in disbelief, a hint of hesitation and fear in her expression.

    When everyone saw this, how could they not know that she must have offended someone important on the outside? Therefore, Master Song asked: "You really offended someone on the outside? When was this? Who did you offend?"

    "Hmph! We are not discussing who she has offended, but her poisoning my daughter and yet as her husband, instead of dealing with this matter, you are asking about matters that have nothing to do with that!"

    Master Liu shouted at him with a somber expression: "Since the Song family won't deal with the matter, then us Liu's will deal with it and make her pay with her life! Take her back!" He shouted harshly and two men behind him walked forwards. At this point, a shadow swept in.

    "Grandpa Liu."

    A young man had appeared suddenly, his demeanor was calm and he looked very much like Master Song. This person was Bai Lian's oldest son, Song family's Second Young Master.

    He had hurried home when he received the message from his younger brother. He however, hadn't expected to hear that something had happened to his mother the moment he arrived. On his way back, he had only got the gist of what happened from the guard.

    He was shocked and thought quickly for a solution. Even if it was true that she had poisoned First Madam, at this point she could only continue to deny. Otherwise, ultimately it would only end in her death.

    While he was thinking of a solution, he was also wondering who was making a move against his mother. Was the evidence in Liu family's hands real? Why was it that information that Song family and Liu family could not find, was obtained by someone else?

    "It's your younger son? Get out of the way!" Ancestor Liu's expression was cold as he waved his sleeve and instructed for Bai Lian to be captured.

    When he saw that he was unable to dissuade the Liu family, he turned to his grandfather and said: "Grandfather, before we can clarify this matter, how can we allow them to treat my mother this way? Liu family has disregarded us Song family by barging in here to take my mother, it's like slapping us Song family in the face. Grandfather..."

    "Shut up!"

    Ancestor Liu shouted coldly, his eyes stared sharply at him: "You're so young but yet already so scheming, sowing discord between Song and Liu family. Your mind is poisonous! Hmph! Son of a concubine indeed shows his status. That woman's son isn't even respectable!"

    Being berated in public, Second Young Master's face turned red and his fists screwed up tightly under his sleeves. A vicious light flashed across his eyes, but he kept quiet.

    Ancestor Song, who watched silently as the scene unfolded before him, frowned and instructed: "Lock up Bai Lian first." He then turned to Ancestor Liu and said: "Let's go out to the front and talk."

    He added: "Rest assured that I will make sure that my deceased daughter-in-law gets justice." However, as soon as he had finished speaking, a loud scream suddenly could be heard in the courtyard.


    Everyone was startled and turned back to take a look. Song Ming who was overlooked by everyone else stood in an inconspicuous corner with the sword in his hand. At that moment, the sword was dripping with blood as he stared coldly at Bai Lian who had fallen to the ground screaming.

    Bai Lian's hands and feet were severed and blood was oozing out from her four limbs.

    No one was prepared for Song Ming's sudden attack. But it was no surprise either. How could he have remained calm when he came face to face with his mother's murderer? When the other two brothers saw what had happened, they exclaimed in shock.

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