1009 Won’t Disturb

    Upon hearing this, Master Song didn't insist and responded with a smile: \"Okay, I will make sure he gets there as soon as possible, he won't keep Master Feng waiting long.\" He also returned the identity card to Feng Jiu.

    At this time, Ancestor Song stood up and bowed with his hands behind his back and said: \"Master Feng, I shall leave my obstinate grandson under your tutelage..\"

    \"You're too serious.\" She stood up, the corners of her lips curved upwards as her gaze landed on the third brother. She said to everyone: \"Then we shall take our leave now and won't stay any longer.\"

    Ancestor Liu then pulled his son forwards and looked at the young man dressed all in red with a smile on his face. He bowed in front of him and said gratefully: \"On behalf of the Liu family, I extend my gratitude to Master Feng.\"

    There was no explanation, but everyone in the hall understood what he had meant by that statement. It wasn't to thank him for tutoring Song Ming, but for sending the information and evidence against Bai Lian to the Liu family so that they finally knew the truth behind their daughter's death.

    Feng Jiu's eyes flashed briefly with emotion and did not avoid the bow, she just said: \"I didn't do anything, Ancestor Liu you don't have to do this.\" After she spoke, she looked at Duan Ye and Ning Lang who both stood up and bid their goodbyes.

    \"We will see Master Feng out.\"

    The few people who said that saw them out personally. They watched until they had left the main gate of the Song residence, then the four of them looked at each other and turned around to return to the front hall.

    \"Ancestor, who is this Master Feng?\" One of the tribe elders asked hesitantly. Seeing the attitude the four of them showed towards him, this young man was definitely someone extraordinary!

    \"We will talk about that later, first send someone to bring Lady Bai here.\" Ancestor Song instructed two men to bring the prisoner from the dungeons in a calm voice.

    Everyone in the hall looked at each other. After a while, two cultivators brought Bai Lian to the front hall. She was still bloodied on her hands and feet as no one had bothered to bandage up her wounds.

    In the hall, the Song family members present were Ancestor Song, Master Song, the few Song tribe elders, Bai Lian's two sons and Song Ming.

    On Liu family's side, there were Ancestor Liu, Master Liu and a few tribe elders. At this time, everyone's eyes were on Bai Lian, as they looked at her old and haggard face, although they were slightly surprised, they also felt dignified.

    \"Lady Bai, what misdeeds have you been up to these few days? You better tell us truthfully!\" Ancestor Song said in a deep voice, staring sharply at Bai Lian.

    It was almost certain that Bai Lian had somehow offended the Ghost Doctor, but what exactly did she do? What could have caused the Ghost Doctor to be this furious?

    \"I didn't......I didn't...\"

    She cried out, her voice was weak, she was sprawled on the ground unable to get up. Seeing the ruthless glare of Master Song, her heart chilled.

    She knew that men were untrustworthy, they all had the same morales. However, it only truly hurt when experienced first hand, only then did she experience the despair and hopelessness.


    \"You're still not going to tell us? You think that you can hide everything that you have done? If you hadn't offended someone you shouldn't, do you think you would have aged overnight suddenly?\" The Ancestor slammed his hand down on the table angrily making a loud noise. The sound of his anger like thunder, he wanted to strike her dead with his palm, to remove the shameless woman.

    Upon hearing this, Bai Lian who was still on the ground started crying. Her two sons couldn't take it anymore and went forward knelt by her side, they looked up: \"Grandfather, father...\"
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