1010 A Cup Of Poisonous Wine

    The moment she started crying, she was beaten.

    \"You're still not going to tell us? Do you want to drag your two sons into it as well? Lower their position in the Song family?\" Ancestor Song said with a somber face as he stared at the sobbing Bai Lian: \"If you don't tell us everything truthfully, then your two sons will be implicated by you!\"

    Upon hearing this, Bai Lian's sobbing stopped and she looked up in horror at the ancestor: \"This has nothing to do with them, it's got nothing to do with the....\"

    \"Then tell us the details!\" Ancestor Song shouted as he stared sharply at her.

    \"I will speak..... I will speak.....\"

    She cried out, her heart filled with regret. She told them about how her youngest son was bullied and no one had stood up for him and finally, she said: \"I sent someone to poison them. It's a concealed poison and doesn't take effect immediately. I thought that once they had left here and died somewhere else, no one would doubt us. However I did not expect that the people I sent to poison them have not returned.....\"

    Upon hearing this, everyone in the hall were stunned. She was going to kill them over a squabble over a few teenagers, how wicked was she?

    \"You have gotten your retribution, you have no one to blame but yourself!\"

    Ancestor Liu stared at her and said: \"Do you know who you have offended? You dare poison him? You are just looking for trouble. Although, if you hadn't looked for trouble, how would we have found out what had happened all those years ago? This is all your own doing.\"

    Once he had finished speaking, he looked at Ancestor Song and said: \"Now we know the truth, how will we deal with this woman? We need to discuss it.\"

    Ancestor Song looked at his son and said: \"She is your woman, you handle it yourself.\"

    Master Song looked down at the aged woman as he contemplated. He couldn't see any familiarity in the face of wrinkles at all. He sighed: \"Bai Lian's heart is like evil and poisonous, and she poisoned my first wife, her sins are unforgivable. On the account that she has given birth to two sons for the Song family, I will leave her body intact and give her a cup of poisonous wine!\"

    \"No, don't, Father, Father, don't, don't kill our mother, don't.....\" The third brother pleaded in horror as he kowtowed, his head banged loudly on the ground with each kowtow, the sounds rang clearly through the hall.

    \"When she killed my mother, I was only five years old. She caused my mother so much pain and misery before she died, she is getting off easy with a cup of poisonous wine!\" Song Ming said in a somber voice, without an ounce of sympathy for them.

    Who was the one who caused him to have no mother from a young age? Who was the one who wanted to take his mother's place? Who was the one who had enjoyed so many years of prosperity and wealth in the Song family? Death comes too easily, and was not enough to ease the years of hatred in his heart.

    Bai Lian was stunned after listening to Master Song's words and stared at him slightly disoriented. Under her watchful eyes, Master Song thought about the romantic affection between the two of them, and he looked away.

    Upon seeing this, Bai Lian smiled through her despair. If a man abandoned you, it meant that he really abandoned you. Although over the years, she had helped some people around her, but this time she couldn't save herself.

    She knew that her death was imminent, but in her despair she was also desperate to know the truth. She stopped crying and asked in a husky voice: \"Who are those people? Even if you want me to die, you also have to give me an explanation. Let me know whose hand I've played into.\"

    Who was it? Who found the evidence from years ago?
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