1011 Many Ways to Disappear

    Upon hearing those words, everyone in the hall looked at Ancestor Liu and Ancestor Song and the Masters of the family. It seemed that only the four of them knew the identity of the young man in red.

    They waited for a response, however, Ancestor Liu didn't say anything and instead lifted up his tea cup to take a sip of tea. Who he is, he will let the Song family tell them!

    \"I'm sure you all have heard of his reputation, he is none other than the well-known Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu.\" Master Song replied and looked down at Bai Lian who was still sprawled on the floor: \"To be ruined by him, you would not feel injustice.\"

    \"Ghost Doctor..... He is the Ghost Doctor...\"

    She whispered in disbelief, she tried to poison the Ghost Doctor who was well versed in medicine. She couldn't blame anyone for her current predicament, only herself.

    Everyone in the hall was also shocked when they heard what their Master had said. That young boy in red clothes was really the Ghost Doctor? They had all heard of the Ghost Doctor, and they also knew that all heads of the powerful and prestigious families had a copy of the Ghost Doctor's portrait.

    No wonder, it was no wonder that their Master and Ancestor, as well as Ancestor and Master Liu recognised the Ghost Doctor. However, he is the Ghost Doctor, and also a teacher at the Two Star Academy? And he came here because of Song Ming?

    Everyone felt a little odd about this revelation, they were surprised and also shocked at the same time, especially the people from the Song family. They thought that this was the perfect opportunity to strike up a good relationship with the Ghost Doctor.

    Master Song called out and two guards darted out from the dark. He took out a bottle of medicine and handed it over, with a deep voice he instructed: \"Feed it to Second Madam.\"

    \"Yes.\" The two guards responded. They were just about to walk over after receiving the bottle of medicine when they saw the second brother and third brother throw themselves at Master Song's feet and grabbed onto his thighs.

    \"Father, Father, don't, don't kill Mother, don't kill our mother, Father, Father, don't...don't......\"

    The two of them cried out as they begged. However, Master Song remained indifferent as he held his hand behind his back and looked outside. He shouted: \"Guards! Take Second Young Master and Third Young Master back to the West Courtyard! Without my order, they will not be allowed to leave the West Courtyard!\"

    \"Yes.\" The guards outside responded. They came inside and dragged the two men out and back to the West Courtyard.

    \"No, Father, don't, don't...\"

    The sound of their cries gradually faded until they couldn't be heard anymore. At this time in the front hall, the two guards had already given Bai Lian the medicine. They fed the poison to her in front of the Liu family members and the Song family members.

    Master Song looked on, his eyes dark, devoid of any emotion. Least to say, the other people present were also indifferent, as if they didn't take into account the loss of human life in front of them.

    Bai Lian was just a woman in a large family, and there were many ways to make her disappear, to stop tongues from wagging.

    Song Ming watched as Bai Lian was forced to drink the poison, he watched as she writhed with pain on the ground, and he watched as she threw up blood from her internal organs being attacked from the poison. He continued to watch as she moaned and screamed in pain as she took her last breath.

    Poison, highly toxic poison, the effects were very fast. It had only taken about half an incense of time for the poison to fully take effect. Even though she was tortured, the time had passed in a blink of an eye, you couldn't say that she had suffered.

    \"Carry it away to get buried!\" Master Song said in a deep voice and waved his hand, signaling for the men to carry the body away.

    After the guards had lifted the body off the ground and carried it out, everyone in the hall turned their gaze to Song Ming. They looked at him in expectation and excitement.

    \"Ming'er, the Ghost Doctor has come to our residence personally to pick you up, you must make sure that you do your best to learn from him and listen to his teachings.\"
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