1012 Not Interested

    Upon hearing his father's words, Song Ming glanced at him and said to the people next to him: \"Grandfather, Uncle, I will accompany you to visit my mother's grave.\"

    \"Okay, okay, let's go.\" The two men nodded in response and revealed happy expressions as they bowed goodbye to everyone else: \"We shall take our leave now.\" They then left with Song Ming.

    Everyone in the Song family looked at each other but did not stop them. They knew that Song Ming was not close to Master Song from a young age. Furthermore, after finding out the truth behind this matter, the relationship between father and son would be even more strained.

    \"Forget it. Let him leave! He's with the Liu family, nothing will happen to him. We will talk again before he leaves with the Ghost Doctor.\" Ancestor Song said and walked out shaking his head with his hand behind his back.

    They can handle everything else. After all, he had retired for many years and he had stopped handling matters within the residence a long time ago.

    Upon seeing everyone else leave, Master Song pursed his lips as he stood silently for a while, then he stepped outside. Although on the surface it appeared that this matter was resolved, it really wasn't. If things weren't handled properly, the Song family will never know peace.

    Bai Lian was dead, but he had to think about the most appropriate arrangements for his second and third sons from his concubine. As for his eldest son, he was protected by the Liu family and his father, and now the Ghost Doctor was also in the picture. Even if he had wanted to, there was no way he could intervene.

    However, he didn't have to worry about him as he would be with the Ghost Doctor, Duan Ye and Ning Lang.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu, Duan Ye and Ning Lang had found an inn and stopped to rest and ate some food. Seeing that there was no one else around, Duan Ye and Ning Lang looked at each other and then asked: \"Feng Jiu, where did you go last night? Tell us about it.\"

    They were really curious, how did the Song family land in chaos when they hadn't done anything?

    Feng Jiu glanced at them and smiled, she then briefly explained to them what she did last night.

    \"Ah? Aged overnight? There is such a medicine?\" Ning Lang looked at him in surprise: \"I thought there were only nutritional pills, I didn't realise there would be medicine for aging.\"

    Come to think of it, it was actually quite terrifying. If anyone offended him, they would be given some strange medicine and not even know about it. When he thought about this, fear struck in his heart as he thought about his behaviour previously.

    He hadn't cared about the consequences nor found out who he was dealing with and sold him off. Thinking about it, he had been merciful to him.

    \"How long more do we have to stay here? Will Song Ming come?\" Duan Ye asked. He didn't have much confidence in Song Ming. Would he go to Hell Mountains with them?

    \"He will.\" Feng Jiu took a sip of her wine, her eyes narrowed.

    They looked at each other but said nothing more. To their surprise, that evening, after they had returned to their inn and whilst they sat idly at the first floor, they saw Song Ming stride into the inn.

    With the exception of Feng JIu, Duan Ye and Ning Lang were a little surprised to see Song Ming. They hadn't expected to see him again so soon.

    \"I'm here.\" Song Ming said as he stepped in front of Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu looked at the youth in front of her and asked: \"We are going to Hell Mountains, are you interested in coming with us?\"

    When Duan Ye and Ning Lang heard the question, they couldn't help but look away as the corners of their mouth twitched. If he wasn't interested would they not take him with them? Was that even possible?
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